Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I ran across this book in the grocery store.... "What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Fibromyalgia." I have a few ideas......

1) That it is a fake disease.

2) That you are histrionic/borderline personality disorder at the least, and are bat shit crazy at the worst.

3) That it is most commonly treated with antidepressants. Hmmm....

4) That your doctor hates you and you annoy the shit out of him.

5) To NEVER tell your ER doctor or nurse that you have fibromyalgia, because you will not be taken seriously.

6) That we think all your multiple drug allergies are bull shit, all your other chronic pain syndromes are bull shit, and we are not surprised that you have multiple divorces because it is too taxing for a man to be around you.
  • That's right. I am assuming it is a disease of women....because it is. Over 80% of people "affected" are woman. Hmmm.....
7) If you are a man with fibromyalgia (I have never met one), then you are complete pussy.

I welcome any others you can think of in the comment section. Also, I am fully prepared for the line of fire I will receive for this.

-ER Doc


Theresa said...


ERRN4U said...

I'll second that amen!
I have seen one, yes one man who claimed to have fibromyalgia.

Anonymous said...


I heard vitamin h aka haldol works great for fibro! 10mg QTID IM

I can't wait to read what the trolls post about...blah blah blah....percosnacks QTID AND bupropion QBID is only thing that manages my unbearable pain. You are a horrible doctor who knows nothing about my suffering! You should take time to learn about our axis II...I mean axis III disorder.

j said...

Is this the same thing as "chronic fatigue syndrome" or whatever they were calling it.

Anonymous said...

the amazing remedy:
the magic wand.
I think it comes with the book doesn't it?

"fibromyalgia" patients drive me up the wall....it IS a fake illness that caters to women who need a lot of attention. I know a gal with it and she claims she can't to any work at all but does go to the gym and attends strata meetings of her apartment complex and even participates in them....i think it's an excuse for BAD BEHAVIOR without having to apologize......

Anonymous said...

First anon, that aggressive regimen might in the long run put them at risk of TD and having a legitimate medical gripe.

Cut back on that dose and the move them to the decanoate preparation once they are stabilized to maintain their condition.

ladyk73 said...

So...I just got diagnosed with fibromyalgia! I am so annoyed. I am actually in pain... however. I don't go to ERs and do not take anything stronger than an advil. It freaKING BLOWS. I would love to take haldol, or anyother meds that will make my muscles less stiff. Yes, I am crazy anyways

newnurseinthehood said...

The revolutionary treatment that can reverse the disease? Gushers filled with Dilaudid, obviously.

Webster said...

Perhaps you ER nursee and docs have learned to paint with broad strokes. You do realize that you see the worst of the worst in the ER, don't you? Well, don't you?

Nathan Strange said...


My mom has CFS and Fibro. That's it. That's all. The only med she takes is for cholesterol. She does not complain. She refused to go the hospital after accidentally opening a pressure canner when it still had pressure and ended up with 2nd degree burns to her arms, hands and torso. She is an entrepreneur and one of the most caring, wonderful people in the world.

I am a paramedic. I hope I never become as jaded and judgmental as you, no matter how much BS I see every day at work.

Anonymous said...

I just read an article in one a veterinary industry publication about a veterinarian who had been diagnosed with fibromyalgia. She was treated but didn't improve, because what she actually had was bartonellosis. Now that she has been diagnosed correctly, she is being treated appropriately and is feeling better.

Careful: just because the patient has a diagnosis of fibromyalgia doesn't mean the patient isn't actually ill.

Anonymous said...

My doc once used the "F-word" (fibro) on me and I told her "oh HELL no!". I'd rather be without a diagnosis than have that one.

That said, antidepressants did make the symptoms better, but made me MORE depressed. I stopped them, and I hurt more, but at least I'm no longer suicidal. Damned if you do, damned if you don't.....

kate said...

Yeah...after working in a rheumatology clinic for the better part of three years, I have to totally agree with you. I would say that 9 times out of 10, when a new patient comes with a consult reason of "fibro", it's because their PCP referred them to us after getting completely tired of having to deal with them on their own.

"So, you're always in pain...umm, you have fibromyalgia! Here's a referral to someone else. Don't call here anymore."

Anonymous said...

There are people who are legitimately in pain and the doctor cannot find the cause. I'd be more apt to find the incompetent doctor who was unable to find the problem and diagnosed the fibromyalgia rather than the patient who is simply looking for a cure/cause for their pain.

Esther said...

I think you do need to remember that patients coming into the ER are not necessarily representative of all people. That being said, I don't think fibro is real either. I think people should stop getting offended at the idea that their pain might be from a psychological factor and that medications might not be an answer to the problem.

Anonymous said...

Its actually pretty sad to hear you talk about Fibromyalgia in that way. I understand that it can be frustrating to have to deal with the patients that are just really whiny and plain annoying but the majority of fibromyalgia sufferers actually do struggle with the disorder on a daily basis. Its hard enough to try and explain to people and family members life in chronic pain and fatigue especially because it manifests itself in so many different ways but for an ER doctor to claim its crap then i know we have a really long way to go.
I definitely avoid pain meds as much as possible but that means living life really uncomfortably and having to struggle most of the day but the other options are not always so attractive especially if you're on the other side or it requires constant dishing out of money for treatments that are not always financially feasible.

Nurse K said...

I had a male patient the other day with "fibromyalgia". He was 21, on Fentanyl patches and extremely gay/screaming/crying.

Yes, your body hurts because your mom doesn't accept that you're gay and this upsets you. And now you're a drug addict too.

Anonymous said...

Question: why does the medical community seemingly get so upset with certain medical conditions? This is a serious question by the way. Certain conditions which have been named by the medical community spark such animosity that is hard to understand. Fibromyalgia, celiac, ADD ... why all the hate?

Anonymous said...

anon, as far as ADD goes the medical community has been able to show a physical cause and change in the brain activity when medications are administered correctly.

Anyway, I digress...the reason the medical people get all up in a tizzy about the fibro's, chronic fatiguers etc. is because most medical research has come to show that they are suffering from an untreated mental disorder. This is the type of mental disorder that requires treatment with both medication and a therapist people there is usually a combo of both personality and a mood disorder seen comorbidly (two or more disorders in one person).

I would agree with ERP that this patients are suffering from either histrionic personality disorder, borderline personality disorder or just plain personality disorder NOS aka bat shitz crazee. People with these disorders are very annoying because they try to make you upset constantly and are extremely demanding. The ER has patients who are acutely ill medically or psychiatrically and spending time on something that a psychologist can better treat during normal office hours can be a pain.

Anonymous said...


Texas Pharmacy Chica said...


Even the divorce comment was right on. Had a patient who recovered (as in moved back to her home town, was able to hold a job again and generally being an adult) after her divorce.

Just like ADD can cover for poor parenting and overworked school systems, fibro can cover for the inability to deal with realities of life. That said, both can also be frighteningly real, but in far fewer numbers than most people assume.

But, if someone actually bought the book, maybe they can spend their money on holistic therapists who offer all kinds of results without the annoyance of ethics.

Anonymous said...

i am an iCU nurse and too feel it is bullshit but why do so many doc's dish out this dx. my mother was tired and in pain all the time 2 out of 3 docs said fibro she also a nurse said BS third ordered appropriate tests and breast cancer found. Cousin same thing but this time a neurologist found MS. and yes psychosomatic pain is real depression hurts but pain meds dont work appropriate treatment does.

Anonymous said...

Yeah for fibromyalgia! It's how triage nurses spell relief -- when you're trying to get a feel for what's wrong with a patient, i.e, do they have exopthalmus (?spelling)? are they bipolar? are they drug-seeking? Then you see it: fibromyalgia on their 6-page typed list of medications, medical conditions and procedures. Yeah! It explains everything!

Anonymous said...

All I can say is wow. This is like saying that all medical professionals are jerks. After all, you've proven this with your comments in this post. Fortuantely this isn't the case, otherwise the majority of the American population would have given up on your collective professions already. I would hope that you or anyone you care about are never afflicted with this or any other under-researched diseases. Not everyone with fibromyalgia is seeking attention or mentally ill. Get a grip on your prejudices. Perhaps if you did you'd learn something. Until then, if you keep your comments out of fibromyalgia suffer's medical care and we'll excuse you for being idiots.

Lisa said...


I have had fibromyalgia for almost twenty years.

It hurts a lot at times.

I've tried lots of things to control the pain: ultram, anti-depressents, neurontin and that new med designed to treat fibromyalgia.

In the end, the thing that I have found that best controls the pain is regular sleep. When it gets bad (even with good consistent sleep though the pain does interfere with that at times), a hot bath is the next best medicine. Under dire conditions, a half glass of wine (I don't drink normally) and straight to bed.

I'm not pain free but it is controlled enough that I can work, take care of my children and do what I need to do.

I like your blog but its a shame you can't recognize that some of us really do hurt from this but we aren't wackos just because we've been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia.

inkgrrl said...

I'ave had three diff docs tell me I had fibro. My response: fibro is a syndrome, not a diagnosis. Let's get to the cause of the symptoms and yes, while we're doing that I'll get good sleep and drink lots of water and exercise as much as I can, per conservative fibro treatment regimens. Turns out I was anemic and have a cracked neck. Iron supplements handled the anemia, nothing to be done for the neck but treat secondary symptoms until medical science can give me a bionic c-spine. Still not fibro ;-)

Anonymous said...

I almost got branded with fibro but had enough cash and resources to keep investigating. Multiple bouts of iritis were the only things that kept the professionals from writing me off as one of those fibro people. The crazy symptoms, constant pain, and strange reactions put me in some interesting company. Lymphocitic colitis and undifferentiated spondylitis are what I am being treated for and things are so much better.
I have to say though knowing how much I sounded like a fibro whiner kept me from the ED and using the emergency numbers for my docs when I probably should have gone. With the exception of a horrible iritis flare I rarely mentioned my daily pain levels. Now that extreme pain is rare (3 grams sulfasalizine daily) I gotta say to the real fibro people i.e. the ones with real pain ITS NOT FIBRO KEEP LOOKING FOR WHAT YOU REALLY HAVE!
Fibromyalgia is a crap diagnosis. Its the medical equivalence to blowing someone off.

Anonymous said...

Study done. 23% of drs. think fibro is bs. I think the percentage is low. But I thought there were studies done "proving" fibromyalgia is something (something about "P substance"? I don't remember. I just know a couple of people who have it and they don't seem bat shit crazy. They seem normal, just tired. So I don't know what to believe.

Anonymous said...

Lisa try psychodynamic therapy

Anonymous said...

Yes, the fibro dx is used too much.

Do I think some people are using it as a meal ticket? Yes.

Do I believe people have it? Yes I do.

Basically, your mileage may vary. It takes a little longer to see who really has it and who's using the dx.

I have a really hard time with people who "will do anything to relieve the pain" but then refuse simple, non-pharm items because "I just don't want to do it."

Some people use any dx as a crutch and it just screams "secondary gain" to the top of it's lungs.

Sign me...just another pain management/rehab RN.

NurseLala83 said...

Right on! These patients...and a few of my family members (unfortuantely) drain the life out of me, as well as the very little compassion I may have had. If I have to hear about the "fibro fog" and the pain, one more time, I'm going to lose it. How about stop drugging yourself up, get out of the bed, and quit wallowing in your own self misery!

And I did have one male fibro pt...kinda like Nurse K. He was all of 20 yrs old, a little on the "dramatic" side. Wonder how much money he paid his quack for that diagnosis, free flowing narcs, and resulting disability. WTF!!!

Anonymous said...

I see it all over the "Medical" blogs...it ALWAYS comes down to "Borderline", doesn't it....?

Caliyalie said...

In response to Anonymous' question as to why the medical community is so annoyed by fibromyalgia, it's simple: these patients are self-absorbed, histrionic, emotional succubi. Although I'm sure there are people with legitimate fibro who are not melodramatic drug seekers, I have yet to meet one. Every single one of my patients with fibro, within minutes of meeting them, starts rattling off their thousands of diagnoses (along with their plethora of drug allergies to anything non-narcotic) in an attempt to elicit sympathy. Then they proceed to dictate when their next pain meds are due and demand their ativan/lyrica/soma with them. They use the call bell about every two minutes, and when you go in to inquire about what they need, you find that they were just too lazy to sit up and grab their water cup that was about six inches out of reach. These are the patients who were independently functioning outside of the hospital, but somehow, miraculously become quadriplegics when they get admitted for a ROMI (aka musculoskeletal pain). I have hurt my back because I have been used as a cane to fully support their 300+ pound body to walk to the bathroom, with absolutely no regard for the fact that I weigh a third of them, and then given the privilege of wiping their ass because they are "too tired." These patients scream at the top of their lungs in what sounds like murderous agony, preferably in the middle of the night, simply because they rolled over in bed or pressed too hard on the remote.

These patients, in general, are disliked because they tend to have no regard for anybody else. They waste my time and energy for absolute bullshit, when I could be helping truly sick patients. They put my health and safety at risk as well as other patients in order to stay high as a kite and expend as little energy as humanly possible.

Anonymous said...

Amen to previous anon

Anonymous said...

i was diagnosed as having fibromyalgia. I'm a mother of a 3yr old and a 2yr old. i am in pain all the time from it. and i do take antidepressants, plus Motrin 800 mg. however i dont let this ruin my life and keep me from working or taking care of my kids. They have a web site that has a diet that's good for fibromyalgia sufferers and Ive been on it and its been very helpful. less pain and im able to cut back on the meds.

SerenityNow said...

This is my take...

Fibromyalgia probably is some kind of somatization/anxiety disorder. These kinds of things are often co-existing with borderlines, histrionics, and generally what used to be called neurotic patients.

I am pretty sure that no medication is going to solve it.

Anyone with fibro or any chronic condition (TMJ, back pain, plantar fasciitis, chronic fatigue syndrome) should check out The Mind-Body Connection and related books by Dr. John Sarno.

-Psych Doc

p.s. Nurse K that comment cracked me up.

Anonymous said...

I believe that fibromyalgia is a legitimate medical condition and that people are seriously affected by it.

That said, I also believe that 90% of the cases are misdiagnosed. My ex-boyfriend's mother was diagnosed with it, and I honestly believe she received the diagnosis to shut her up. "Histrionic, hypochondriac, narcissistic, drug seeking succubus" is about the kindest way I can describe her behavior towards her family. I told her that during one of her numerous phone calls to me to discuss her myriad medical issues.

She cried.

My ex still needs a punch in the neck for giving my number to his mother.

Rachel said...

Ya know... it's understandable for doctors, nurses and other medical professionals to get frustrated by "fake" diagnosis. But it's not the patients you should be getting frustrated at - it's your fellow medical professionals who hand out the diagnosis all the dang time.

It's like IBS. If you have stomach issues, indigestion, or diarreah... you've got IBS. Even though, in my opinion, IBS is just a good term to throw out there that pretty much means "I don't know what the hell is wrong with you, so take some antiacid and good luck with all that!"

And once one doctor has given you that crappy (literally) diagnosis, good luck finding another to take you seriously, as evidenced by this post in which a doctor shows complete lack of respect due to another doctor's diagnosis (and quite possible MISdiagnosis).

For me, I ended up getting my REAL diagnosis by shear luck. After months of going to doctors for abdominal and pelvic pain as well as increasing fatigue and just feeling like crap all the time, and after only simple blood testing, I was told I had IBS and possible CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome) and given a perscription for Prevacid.

Despite the fact that I didn't believe I had either of these "disorders" as the symptoms didn't fit and none of the medications helped my symptoms in the slightest, I trusted my doctor.

It was only after (a month later) my primary doctor noted in my history that my aunt was diagnosed with colon cancer at age 34 that he decided a CT scan was in order.

Long story short(er), that CT scan revealed that I had a large amount of free fluid in my pelic cavity as well as a 5 inch cyst on my left ovary. 6 weeks later I followed up with my Gyno and a week after that I underwent lap surgery during which I was diagnosed with stage III endometriosis. I had lesions throughout my pelvic cavity, including on my bladder and up high in my abdomen. I've been told my chances of ever conceiving a child are very slim and I will likely have to have a hysterectomy by the time I'm 35.

I shudder to think how bad things would have gotten had that doctor not noticed that one line in my history and ordered that test. The ovarian cyst alone was likely the cause of a good bit of my pain, but the doctor was so quick to say my symptoms were the direct result of IBS.

So yeah... just because a doctor gives someone a shitty diagnosis doesn't mean there's nothing genuinely wrong.

I knew I was in pain and trust me, for someone who went through lap surgery and recovery without taking a single narcotic pain med (because they weren't necessary - just some motrin worked fine and I've never taken a narcotic pain med in my life)... I think I know what REAL pain feels like and I'd like to believe a doctor in the ER would take me seriously.

Greg said...

Psych Doc - I have to call BS on the comment re: plantar fasciitis. I had it. It's real. Diagnosed by legitimate orthopod and his podiatry partner.

That being said, I got it when I was fat and started rowing competitively again, and it went away as I got less fat and stretched more.

Um, uh, yeah, it's definitely real. Er, it's not associated with social factors and lack of physical activity at all...


ladyk73 said...

I am resistant to the fibro label. I have bipolar, depression, anxiety, etc.. But I also have spondylothesis with herniated disc right there...with sciatica. I also have carpel tunnel, PCOS, asthma, etc...
My muscles are just knots. Objectively noticed by doctors and friends who give me neck rubs. I tired Lyrica, and it made me irritable and manic. Advil works better for me the the nicer nsaids. I am already on psych drugs

Sometimes I wonder if some of the psych drugs CAUSE fibro. It would kind of make sense. Could it be?

Anyone have an ideas?

Shash said...

Several years ago I was beginning to think maybe I had soemthing like fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome because I knew something was wrong and it was vague, crazy, and driving me nuts.

It turned out that I am a celiac. No wheat for me also means no back pain, no gastro pain, more energy, etc. The discovery really turned my life around and the last 6 years beat the previous 18 all to hell.

Just because someone has vague symptoms and feels something is wrong doesn't mean something ISN'T wrong. But it can take a lot of patience, perserverence and four doctors to find out what was really going on.

Two of those four doctors and one friend had written me off as a hypochondriac. My life is soooo much better now.

I don't like these self-diagnosis, unprofessional (IMO) publications myself but they exist for a reason. There are people out there with problems - some imagined, but some very real - that the medical community blows off because it doesn't make sense to their all-seeing, all-knowing brains. Please don't pigeon-hole everyone who goes looking for their own answers. Many do because their docs couldn't find the problem and blew them off. So they take matters into their own hands and thus become the victims of charlatans. Again, some of those people do have seriously-imagined ills and some of them have very real conditions.

Thank God I found a very thorough internist.

The Bus Driver said...

I echo the sentiments on Fibro being an overdiagnosed "condition". That being said, I also agree, that like Attention Deficit Disorder - there is a small percentage of people who have it, rather than the large numbers who are "diagnosed".

As far as the plantar fascitis is concerned, I too have had it. It IS real. The thing that solved my problem was custom fit orthotics to support my flat feet. I have not had any pain since wearing the orthotics.

It can be frustrating to feel like you have a condition, but have no doctor listen to you. I believe I have a hormone imbalance, yet blood tests come back within "normal" range. Then how do you explain the excessive hair growth on my chin, and painful cystic acne on my face, back and other parts of my body, and uncontrolled weight gain? I'm a woman and growing a beard! I just hope I can finally find a doctor who will listen to me and not just brush me off as "the fat lady who needs to simply exercise more and eat less". I got news for them, I exercised and dieted for 9 mos with a personal trainer, and lost 3 lbs over the course of NINE months!

*steps down off soapbox* sorry for the rambling reply.

SerenityNow said...


I'm not saying that all plantar fasciitis, back pain, etc. isn't real. I'm just saying that a lot of it is influenced by other factors. The pain in all of these conditions is real. I'm not saying that anyone is faking it.

I never said that any of these things are caused by inactivity either. But I do think that sometimes the chronic pain condition leads to inactivity which leads to learned helplessness which becomes an excuse for everything that's wrong in someone's life.

-Psych Doc

Anonymous said...

8) That your doctor calls it fatsomyalgia.

StorytellERdoc said...
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ERP said...

Dude - that post cracked me up. And I have to say when you once asked me how I get a lot of comments on a post, you now know a secret. Rip on all these psycho-medical problems and obesity and you'll be sure to get tons-o-comments. Many will be from "suffers" who will scream and yell at you though.

Pissed Off Patient said...

Given that I can see how easily I could be herded into a Fibro diagnosis, it is alarming to see such derision.

I guess I should be glad I went to an ER that could pull up my previous cortisol level of 1.9.


Anonymous said...

This post just makes saddens me. Its hard enough to be ill without having to worry that the medical staff treating you think you are:

-borderline (at best)
-bat shit crazy
-a pussy

Sometimes I wish that you could walk in the shoes of a person diagnosed (rightly or wrongly) with Fibromyalgia or CFS for a day.

BTW...I am not fat and am full time employed in an occupation that I love.

But of course, you don't need to empathize with me, because you've already decided that anyone who disagrees with you is a "a troll".

Anonymous said...

Serenity Now Doc.
I am curious what your thoughts on RSD are? That's My Mom's Diagnosis.

Anonymous said...

I hope to God I never find myself in your care in the emergency room or anywhere else for that matter. I am a health care provider myself and find you to be one of the most uncaring physicians I have ever met. God help your patients.

SerenityNow said...

Re anon about RSD:

I think it is more real than fibromyalgia. There are some actual objective tests to be done and it usually stems from an inj.

Still there are a lot of over-diagnosed people

I did a rotation at a chronic pain clinic in med school. I basically would spy on the patients throughout the day, observe them doing the things they could supposedly not do when no one was watching (like a person with a "crippled" hand from RSD would grab their cell phone from deep between the side of a chairs cushion when it fell). I would write it down, give it to the clinic psychologist, and he would call them out on it.

The problem with a lot of these syndromes are there are no objective tests for them. Anyone can read about the 11 pressure points of FM and say ouch when a doctor pushes on them. Its too easy to fake, or for a person with psych issues...too easy to subconsciously give yourself.

-ER Doc

Oh and the anon above this post....I hope that you are never my patient too

But in defense of myself....I treat all my patients the same despite my stereotypes. I'm just vocal about what I think when other people hold stuff in and take shit too serious. But honestly I hope you are never my patient. You sound too damn demanding. And I guarantee you are female

CathiefromCanada said...

Hmmm... so you're a misogynist as well as a misanthrope...

Lorelei Armstrong said...

I thought I caught hell on my blog when I said they should stop teaching Jane Austen in high schools!

SerenityNowHospital said...

Re Cathie:

I had to look up both of those words....but yes

ER Doc

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the RSD response.

Amber said...

My husband has been diagnosed with fibro, and he hates the diagnosis. He has seen a rheumotologist, and has been told he most likely has lupus, or mixed connective tissue disease... but his PCP considers it fibro, and just throws pain meds at him instead of trying anything different. My husband is hesitant to mention to any doctor the fibro diagnosis because he has learned that most doctors immediately think he is a drug seeking, lazy, inconsiderate person when that couldn't be farther from the truth. He does suffer from chronic pain and fatigue, has TMJ, no cartilage in his knees, etc... it sucks, but he lives his life the best he can without being a drain on the system. It's these broad generalizations that make him hesitant to get help, and it really sucks.

I am Calabresella said...

Pure curiosity here, but I'm 26 and was hospitalized 5 months ago because of a brain hemorrhage. Before I was diagnosed with the cause being a cavernous angioma inside my medulla, they said they were going to test me for fibromyalgia. How do they test for that? That made me think it was real! Now I'm confused. Were they just trying to suck me dry money wise?

I am Calabresella said...
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I am Calabresella said...
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SerenityNow said...

Re Amer:

- Lupus is serious. That diagnosis should be fully explored.

Besides lupus here would be my common sense guess: You say he has no cartilage in his knees. That is very painful. He gets depressed from not being able to move around as much and from the pain. The depression makes the pain worse, and causes psychsomatic pain. Answer = knee replacement

Re: Calabresella

I don't think they were trying to suck you dry. Lots of time it is a diagnosis to give a diagnosis. Like when I tell a mother "yes your child has an ear infection"....because they want a diagnosis and wont be happy without one despite me saying the kid is fine.

Now if the neurosurgeon you saw said you needed to be tested for fibromyalgia, he probably meant he was going to recommend your PCP "test" you for it. As far as I know, the test is just a constellation of your subjective symptoms put together with having 11/18 pressure points hurting when a doctor pushes on them. But if you push hard enough, anything will hurt.

ER Doc

Shash said...

Re: your response to Cathie above. Thanks for the laugh.

Greg said...

I know you weren't mocking plantar fasciitis. I was.

When the orthopod said I had it, I did a bunch of reading about it and how to "live with it" as though it were a chronic condition from which I could never free myself.

Don't get me wrong, it hurt like hell when I had it, but magically, with weight loss and modest stretching (and no special PT) it disappeared 4 years ago, never to return.

I, too, had a cluster of symptoms for a while, that could be matched directly to a list of fibromyalgia symptoms, but a resumption of workouts after a 3 month bad stretch of work and an ankle injury took care of it.

It may be pollyannaish, but IME, exercise can have an amazing impact on conditions that have an anxiety/other psychological aspect to them.


Anonymous said...

"Fibro" gives an official name to the syndrome of being a self-absorbed wussy. What fibro patients call "Level 9 pain" the rest of world calls "I'm a little achey this morning so I'll stretch and take a hot shower."

I completely beleive that these women would not recognize REAL pain if it danced naked in front of them wrapped in purple python. I would love some chance for fibro patients to feel the pain that five year old cancer patients are suffering, or ANYONE with third degrees burns JUST SO THEY COULD TELL THE DIFFERNCE.

I spent many wonderful years as a hospice nurse, and am 100% in favor of treating pain and other nasty symtoms. I don't give gold stars for suffering, and always told my patients that verbatim. And lots of NON hospice patients live a fuller and more productive life due to pain control related to many different diseases and injuries.

But I cannot summon sympathy or even much empathy for those who get secondary gains galore simply because they cannot stand the "suffering" and "exhaustion" that comes from the very act of living on this planet.

And as already mentioned, these folks can't WORK without pain but PLAYING doesn't bother them a bit....go figure.

Pattie, RN

Anonymous said...

I do not have this but I am curious as to why it is a fake problem? What makes it different
from Lyme ?It was thought by many doctors as fake? Like I said
curious. Thanx

Anonymous said...

I was just diagnosed with sodium-channel myotonia by DNA sequencing and EMG - after 13 YEARS of negative ANA panels and shrugs and "maybe it's fibromyalgia" crap. The closest I got to a real diagnosis was cramp fasciculation syndrome last year, but again, that's a syndrome, not a cause. And it didn't cover everything, thus the genetic tests.

My GP (wonderful - def. not the same I had when I started this journey) flat out said that fibro and chronic fatigue were garbage can diagnoses when doctors didn't know what was wrong.

But it's a damn shame that some diseases continue to be called rare when there's no real way of knowing - because patients are dismissed out of hand when standard tests come back negative, insurance won't pay for the tests they DO need, or they are stuck with labels like fibro from the get-go.

I had to barter for my first EMG. The neuro told me I had anxiety, and I needed a neuropsych, not an EMG. My angry reaction probably didn't help my case, but I agreed to take the neuropsych (to shut that line of thinking down) if he'd order the EMG. The neuropsych was normal, and the EMG was not. I began seeing the neuro who actually performed the test, not the jerk who reluctantly ordered it.

populaire said...

Ugh, fibromyalgia. I have Crohn's disease, and in my quest to get that diagnosed and treated, I've been given the fibromyalgia line twice. God forbid someone have sore arms when they work on a computer all day!

Just a few months ago, I saw a rheumatologist for joint pain. I figured it was open-and-shut drug side effect (I'm on Remicade for the Crohn's), but he insisted that since I'm overweight, female, and have sore arms (not anything I have ever complained about, he just noticed this while doing the physical exam. Again, why does no one consider occupational hazards?), I must have fibromyalgia. Gee thanks, doc, way to make me feel like a fat whiner.

I'm curious: what do they teach about fibromyalgia in medical school?

Anonymous said...

I would love to have a treatable diagnosis other than Fibromyalgia. I have a full life, a career and rarely miss work . I do not take anything stronger than Tylenol. I have severe pain at times and it hurts to move. The only thing wrong with my diagnosis is the uncaring doctors I have met during my journey. But my primary care doc treats me with respect and believes me. I do not have a mental illness but think how scary it is for those who do. I think many people are lazy but encouragement goes a long way.
But I do have Fibromyagia and it hurts.

S said...

I lurk on a forum for people with fibro. It's full of drama queens. Many people are in wheelchairs and can't even wash themselves, apparently! I lurk because I was once misdiagnosed with fibro. I was correctly diagnosed Rheumatoid Arthritis a few years ago. I manage to walk on my damaged feet yet people with fibro can't even frickin' dress themselves. Do me a favour!

Moose said...

I don't believe it's 100% fake. I DO however believe that it's become the catch-all for "I can't figure out what's wrong with you and you won't shut up so here's a diagnosis."

I used to go to a pain clinic. They got me on a nice non-narcotic long-acting pain med so I could do things like use my hands in the morning (and the rest of the day). I thought they were completely awesome until the day the Dr was looking at my chart and said, "What's your diagnosis? Oh, right, you have $thingy. I bet you have Fibromyalgia, too!" and tried to put that in my chart.

She couldn't understand why I was all bent out of shape at her "diagnosis". Frankly, I (still) wonder why she decided I needed that extra code number.

Anonymous said...

Never diagnosed as having fibro, but I discovered that having tourettes/ocd will make it nearly impossible to get anything diagnosed because lazy doctors like to fall back on it as a coverall. I have gall bladder disease: "oh well you have OCD it's just stress." It took a lot of doctors for one to go "well why didn't anyone test your gallbladder? That's pretty obvious."
It kept my doctor from sending me to a neurologist over visual disturbances and muscle spasming because "well, you do have tourettes." Actually, I have occipital lobe epilepsy. Blaming that on tourettes makes no sense. It took a new doctor and it progressing to generalized seizures to finally get anywhere.
Fibro is often the same thing. It's a coverall.

Anonymous said...

Is this a joke? What age is this? Seriously, when women and a few men have complaints that can't YET be explained they are histronic/mental? Really! Reminds me of studies referencing the dark ages when many of the acknowledged/proven illnesses of today got you a lobatomy. I don't know what I think about FM but I do know what I think about the pathetic doctors/nurses who are so arrogant as to think they (or anyone) know enough about the human body/brain to judge these people. Just b/c hypochondriacs mimic symptoms of MS (or some other disease) does that mean you say MS isn't real? Well, not too long ago MS was thought of the same way FM is today. Maybe technology is just lagging.

Shame on you. You should be educated enough to know better even if you aren't all that intelligent. Good thing you all get to remain anonymous...

Chris said...

Part 1

I heard about this post, and decided to take a look, and while it initially irked me, seeing further elaboration in the comments section caused me to change my mind.

Especially upon noting your admitting that you are both a Misogynist, and Misanthrope. I thought about your Job, as I used to be in customer service myself, but I only had to deal with them over the phone.
While you have to deal with them day. in and day out, and any and all manner of problems, issues, as well as the other chaos you must also have to deal with. Well I cam to pity you, as you must experience a living hell every day you work. And you yourself must suffer greatly, or why else would you endure it. I even suggest that you get into another field possibly, if your able, because doing a Job you absolutely cannot stand, just wears you down to your very core.

That being said. Fibromyalgia is obviously a catch all. their is little medical consensus on what it is, and who should deal with it. I have seen a few Rheumatologist (who got stuck with it based on the symptomology, and the fact no one else wanted to deal with it) who all shared similar attitudes you do about those labeled with it. However as you and others stated their are several conditions such as lupus that are often lumped into the fibro label. And of course since no one wants to deal with it, Many people go undiagnosed due to the parallel suffering Physicians such as yourself go through. The patients come in (the real ones those who are genuinely suffering and looking for answers, Not the ones looking for a fix, who will take any way they can to get it) and they are desperate and frustrated at the medical communities lack of knowledge on their suffering, and the fact that many of them have already gotten the run around from multiple doctors before they even think about heading to the ER to see you.
Then we have ER docs such as yourself, who are not only incapable of dealing with their illness (whatever the real cause actually is) who are already overworked, and spread thin. Plus those like yourself who have been been stuck in your job long enough to hate it as you obviously do, are not only disinterested and apathetic to people in general, much less a population of patients that no one has wanted to deal with because it is something medical science has not yet had many true trailblazers into finding out a real cause or treatment for the patients. No everyone can be a trailblazer either, it takes an eagerness and a hunger, that unfortunately for most doctors has long been eroded by life in general. Take almost any and every groundbreaking theory and those who dismissed, doubted, and well frankly spat on. Unfortunately folks such as yourself have often become so burnt out and disinterested in general, that only the easiest, and most well trodden diagnoses, are the ones you seem to enjoy to make. I have also heard many feel indifferent to illnesses they are incapable of actually treating. I don't blame you. You have obviously worked very hard, and had it rough, and your job is to help people who in general have life threatening injuries, and illnesses, that you have the knowledge and capability to treat. I understand you have probably helped a great many people, and have saved many lives. .... continued

Chris said...

Part 2

I also understand that just because you lack the drive to search further than the tools and knowledge that others have already garnered and taught to you. I also understand that the vast majority of those in the medical community are taught and indoctrinated to deal with what they know and to shuffle those that they cannot help off to someone else who can help them. The problem is the system is flawed, in that it is still in development, and whatever is actually causing the symptoms in these people is something that had not had many groundbreakers, and true innovators, and people eager to discover the real cause, because unfortunately it requires, motivation, eagerness, compassion, and well hard work. something the vast majority of the medical community that marginalizes these people have forgotten how to do, it may be because they have done a great deal of it throughout their careers, and they feel theta they themselves have done "enough" whatever that is. So obviously they feel justified in shuffling patients off to someone else, dumping them on the next doctor, because its not their problem they have their own patients to deal with. The thing is, virtually every illness and patient I have ever heard of has experienced this attitude. Not just fibromyalgia. I don't know statistics, but they are out there. Or else their would not be trails of specialist after specialist, until the problem is finally treated by a doctor able to handle their condition.

I just find it sad that through out this messed up inefficient and wasteful process, that it is the doctors themselves that have also seemed to become the patient, due to burn out, and the insanity of the notion that someone whose very mode of living, is to treat other people, and to help them, only the doctor himself has become so jaded and antagonistic, he actually hates the very patients he helps.

Again I truly pity you, and hope someday you find happiness and fulfillment in life again. But until you heal yourself, You really are just a pale imitation of a real doctor. And who knows maybe you were never meant to be a doctor. Because if you were, don't you think you would love people, and not hate them? It just seems like an absolutely insane way for a person to live, doing something you hate, and it just reminds me of the Einstein Quote about Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

I truly wish you well, because no one should have to live like that.

Anonymous said...

Fibro people piss me off more than anything in the world. As a real chronic pain sufferer myself. I have a torn labrum unstable shoulder that pops out regularly, seriously fibro people try pulling your arm out of the socket and pushing it back in manually yourself. Then you can start talking about real pain. Thanks to assholes like you people, the rest of us get treated like common drug seekers when we have real proof of pain through MRI and EKG scans. I hear it in the waiting room at my doctors office every visit. Whah I need percocet because I have sleepy, whiny,fat ass, painful vagina syndrome. If I was a doctor I would tell all of you to go fuck your selves too.

SerenityNowHospital said...

Actually I love my job

ER doc

Anonymous said...

Lurking on a fibro forum has taught me this....EVERY symptom you have is fibro!

Here is a list of the best ones;

Dry skin
Itchy skin
'Tired' eyes
Forgetting things
Waking up still tired

"It's all part of FM, hun. It's a terrible disease. Gentle hugs XXXXX"

*pukes into a bucket in the corner)

Anonymous said...

ER Doc, Just as one other poster said: You are a Mysogynist Pig and a Misanthrope to boot. You sound to me as though you barely made the grades to even have an MD and are STUCK in the ER where all the "unwanted Losers" are sent to learn some skills - both people and procedural. Maybe if you acted like a human being to the patients that walk through that ER door, scared, in pain and looking to you, (the "supposed" Mighty doctor, haha) for answers and help and looked past all of your ignorant prejudices, that patient wouldn't have to become, as you put it so nicely, "Whinny with Histrionic borderline Personality disorder" or my favorite "Bat shit Crazy". And since when is an ER doc allowed to Make, much less capable of making, a psych diagnosis?? And if that is truly what this person has they should then be referred for psychiatric care. But I bet you just give some meds to pacify them and send them out the door, Don't You??? Big Help to that patient, I can just hear you - "send in the next victim, er, I meant Patient of course" You ER Doctors are Worthless in my opinion, simply worthless. I will wait until my regular doctors hours and see a "REAL" doctor, You are not what I would want even my worst enemy to be treated by. Get some help for yourself, You are showing histrionic Borderline Personality Tendencies! You hate women, nurses, Surgeons, fibromyalgia Patients, And patients who suffer mental illness also. You don't like fat guys who get heart attacks and have an opinion on nearly everyone that walks through the doors of the ER, probably before you have even met and talked with them. I Hope that no one in my family ever has to run into you when in need of some "real" medical care. Get some help buddy, go see your friend the Shrink, SOON!

SerenityNowHospital said...

Re Anon. You said;

..."You hate women, nurses, Surgeons, fibromyalgia Patients, And patients who suffer mental illness also. You don't like fat guys who get heart attacks and have an opinion on nearly everyone that walks through the doors of the ER, probably before you have even met and talked with them."

Thanks for being such loyal reader!

ER Doc

Anonymous said...

Wow I went to my pain management spec. today and on the formal diagnoses I saw listed with my other injuries such as my unstable shoulder,arthritis,and herniated discs the MD. put Fibromyalgia as well. OMG. I laughed so hard after reading that because I am a guy and, and even I know it is complete crap. I for one admit I am there just to get my pain-meds I don't need BS. Diagnoses to boot. That diagnoses given to me today only further proves that Fibromyalgia is complete bullshit. Honestly I am gonna ask them to remove that diagnoses next time I see them, cause I am not buying into the bullshit, I have real injuries I don't need junk science as well. No I don't need a hug, I swear the biggest bunch of fibro low lifes hang around on MDjunction.com seriously read what these wastes of life are taking as prescription drugs Fentanyl, Oxycontin,& Valium too boot good god it is spreading because I have it too. OMG. the humanity someone wash the sand off my vagina too ha ha.

Brenda said...

I can understand you becoming frustrated with this dx your fellow physicians are labeling these poor folks with.
I had a friend who had shoulder and arm pain for quite some time before I found out about it. I think her doctor just blew her off.
I told her how a certain cholesterol medication caused the same type of pain in me. I told her to mention it to her doctor. Well she did and he said stop them and see what happens. Some time went by and she called me crying and so grateful that she was finally able to move without pain!

Dr. Mongo Lloyd said...

Okay, someone has to post links to the "fibro support groups." Sounds like an entertaining read...or fertile trolling ground!

Oh yeah, for you whiny fibro chicks...you don't know what real pain is. I had half of my arm removed because necrotizing fasciitis ate it away, and I still manage to work and not be a junkie, so no one wants to hear about your sore muscles and tummyaches. Seek out a shrink, quit whining and drug seeking, and get your shit together, losers!

Anonymous said...

Just want to point out that "borderline" is just as much a waste basket, crap dx as you believe fibromyalgia to be!

a_foreigner said...

ER doc- thank you. I'm currently procrastinating instead of working for STEP 2, and I commend you for having the balls to make this.
To all in agreement with this post - thanks for keeping it short and sweet.
To all those who wrote a 'carefully worded, researched, and referenced rebuttal', your whinging was music to my ears. If I could pass some tissues through cyberspace, I would.

Hmmmm said...

I have read this entire thread and have come to one conclusion.....the "ER Doc" is an arrogant ASS. I wouldn't let you treat my dog. I read this entire thread and I see valid points on both "sides"....but it disturbs me that a man with your callous attitude is practicing medicine. No I am not a person with FM....just came across the blog and started reading...sadly.

Anonymous said...

I can almost guarantee that most of the negative comments in this thread are by people who don't work in healthcare.

Step into our shoes for a day and see how you feel then about drug seekers, crazies, and the grotesquely obese.

Anonymous said...

I want to remind all you "medical professionals" out there who think fibro is a mental illness; 20 years ago, the medical profession thought gastric ulcers were simply a symptom of stress of poor diet. They were wrong. Soon there WILL be proof that fibro is a very real physical illness. This treatment works. Too bad you're wasting time bad-mouthing it instead of actually reading the book and checking out the treatment,

Anonymous said...

And if you really ARE medical professionals, you are ALL a disgrace. So if you can't see the disease, its a fake?? Okay. I'll remember that when you get old and start "whinging" about arthritis. I hope a few of you DO come down with fibromyalgia and learn a little empathy! If you think for one moment that anyone with fibromyalgia wouldn't trade it for an easily treatable illness, you would be VERY wrong. How would you like to spend 50+ years going from doctor to doctor trying to find a cause or at least a treatment for daily, unexplainable pain the did NOT involve strong pain meds?? WHILE working, holding a good job, raising a family and living a NORMAL life? With "Medical Professionals" like this bunch, it's no wonder there is so little research! Shameful!

Anonymous said...

I'm an RN with 25 yrs experience. I work in an acute care setting, and I'm very disturbed by the nasty comments by some of the so-called "health professionals" posted here. I hope you never have the misfortune to contract a painful, chronic or fatal disease;and especially not if your physician thinks you're an idiot for presenting with any symptoms or complaints. I've had Fibro for 16 yrs. I went from working full time as an RN plus running my own breeding, boarding, training and kennel full of show dogs to barely being able to get out of bed in the space of a few days. A simple 'flu virus triggered the Fibro. I never stopped working for more than a few weeks, but I did have to drastically reduce everything else. I do not take narcotics, antidepressants or any other prescription meds. It is true that there ARE whiners with the disease; I've met them myself, and they make me crazy, too, but their pain is still real. Most people have no idea that I have Fibro until I tell them, but they sure as heck don't see me on my bad days. Unfortunately, the 85 yr old doc who wrote the above book is far too busy treating patients and attempting to find the genetic markers behind the disease to bother with crappy comments like I see here. He really could use some talented physicians to help with his research, diagnosis, and treatment center, and carry on what he's been working on for 50+ years. It's really just considered good manners to actually read a book prior to attempting to critique or "review" it.
BTW, "ER Doc"........you may want to get some "treatment" for your burnout before the psych docs need to prescribe lovely little sedatives for you. Shame on you for posting stuff like this; I'm sure you could find much better use for your time, worthy of the title "Doctor".

Anonymous said...

Someone asked "I'm curious: what do they teach about fibromyalgia in medical school?"

Ans: Obviously, not a darned thing!

Recent studies at City of Hope and UCLA Medical Center, have found the DNA markers present in family members who have FMS symptoms. Preliminary studies at C of H also show that the protocol in that book you ridicule, provide more relief than placebo pills.

My personal experience with Rheumatologist-diagnosed fibro was a walker then a wheelchair in 7 years. Allergic to most pain meds, I worked full time (even after the wheelchair) using only occasional doses of 800 mg. Ibuprofen. Pain levels ran 5-8 most days. After reading the book and flying to LA to be rediagnosed and instructed, it took just 8 months until I was walking on my own and doing my grocery shopping cold turkey. Pain levels are now 3 most days with a few 4-5. Will I let a bunch of whining, insulting, ignorant phony medical professionals put me off the only real help I've ever gotten for my condition? Hell NO!

PS 4 men/boys in my family also have symptoms but they have less pain and more chronic fatigue and
... yup Brain Fog. So...many more men are misdiagnosed by the grand medical professionals than women.

Anonymous said...

PPS: NEVER have and never will go to an ER. Too many quacks work in those places. jk

Anonymous said...

Jaded narrow minded physicians need to find a new job. Burnout comes to mind. I can't wait until the City of Hope FMS genetic study prove what my family knows. Yes both the men and the women have FMS. FMS is a real condition. Often men hate to admit they are in so much pain or have a "woman's" disease but they have it none the less.

I thank God for my open minded GP who 13 years ago took time to read the Dr. R. Paul St. Amand M.D. technical white paper for physicians. Thanks to Dr. St. Amand's protocol I went from 98 pounds and hoping to die to a normal weight and rich full life.

Dr. St. Amand is no quack he graduated from Tuft's Medical School and is an associate prof. of endocrinology at Harbor UCLA Med School.

Before you criticize a book and a treatment you really need to do a little more reading. Just like the treatment of stomach ulcers was revolutionized by an initially maligned Australian physician the treatment of FMS is going to be revolutionized by Dr. St. Amand's protocol.

Keep an eye on the COH FMS genetic study. Amazing things are coming out of it and ER Doc you just might learn a thing or two.

Anonymous said...

All I can say is that, NONE of US is immune to getting fibromyalgia.

All of you doctors and nurses who are bashing this condition, wake-up! We are finding that it is GENETIC! SHAME on YOU!

One day you may find yourselves walking in my shoes.

Thank you, Dr. St. Amand, for your courage. We need more compassionate and understanding nurses and doctors like you.

ElizaBeth said...

I know that this treatment works!I researched it. I know because I tried it.I know because I no longer am being drugged to just get through the day. The drugs that I was being offered as standard care, did not get me better. They just made a few of the symptoms bearable before nearly killing me with serotonin syndrome. Before you criticize a medical treatment you should at least know what it is you're tearing down. I'm thankful for doctors like Dr. St. Amand who will do what it takes to help people get well. Too bad you're not one of them.

BluenotesBb said...

Fibro, the result of lazy doctors who refuse to dig in their heals and find a diagnoses. They are the ones who need to get the hell out of the field.

The End.

Anonymous said...

"To NEVER tell your ER doctor or nurse that you have fibromyalgia, because you will not be taken seriously."

Yep. Had symptoms of fibro, but was never diagnosed with it.

It's gradually getting better due to lifestyle changes, learning to relax, and a few select supplements really help.

When I first went to the doctor with these symptoms, after the usual rounds of referrals, tests, ect., I was upset that he found nothing... and, I didn't even get diagnosed with fibro or anything.

Now, I see it was a very good thing I didn't get diagnosed with fibro.

Two main reasons:

1. I researched the standard medical treatment options available, and would end up going the natural route anyway.

2. There is a huge stigma when certain folks know you have fibro.

An extra bonus reason is in the state of mind I was in when these things first started happening to me, I may very well have ended up using the diagnosis as a 'crutch' as it were (yet denying it at the same time, of course). Glad I didn't have that to tempt me at the time.

Anonymous said...

Havent you guys figured it out these docs get paid by the insurance company for all their testing and expert diagnosis

More codes on a billing sheet ... more billing

Fibro is BS ... NY times artcle reported that the average fibro patient is 5'4 185 lbs woman

now since SSD added it .. every fatass who doesnt want to work at McJigaboos can go get a fibro diagnosis and live off the gubmint ..Once you get one ,... you then get all the other bennies

that or the soccer mom who is just tired of keeping up with their kids and making excuses to not bang their husbands ... you see one soccer mom on a team get it... 6 months later they all have it ... like its contagious

and like everyone else says ... They cant work .... but they can drink and dance play by the pool all day

Anonymous said...

Well, not sure if you even read the comments anymore, but as a 10+ year sufferer of fibro I have to wonder if you've changed your tune now that it's been given a designation as an actual condition.

I wish I didn't hurt every-fucking-where. I wish I wasn't so exhausted I can't even....

I wish I wasn't nauseated, feverish, and bouncing twixt diarrhea and constipation on a weekly basis.

I also wish for one moment YOU could feel what I feel.

I doubt you'd be such a douchebag...at least about this anyway. Can't speak for the rest of your life.

I do work, I do function, I do the things I can (most things actually), but I do them with help from a daily drug cocktail I also fucking hate.

I hope, someday, there's cure found. In the meantime, me and millions of other fibro sufferers will continue to have to be treated like drug-seeking whack-jobs by the ill-informed and just plain douche-canoes of the world.

Anonymous said...

I am an Icu nurse at a level one trauma center and every doc I work with thinks fibromyalgia is bullshit but are too afraid to say it. Anytime a FM patient comes in they ALWAYS have other comorbid psych issues like bipolar disorder, depression or anxiety and they always have 8 million allergies, to things like potassium which as you may know you can't be allergic to since you need potassium for your heart to beat or you will die. After ten years in the field I'm 100% convinced FM is a psych disorder because the patients who present with it are NEVER normal in any sense of the word. Fm has become a code word for drug-seeking and attention seeking behavior in most hospitals I've worked at. "Why is that patient on the call light every five minutes" " It's a FM patient" " Say no more"

My adopted cousin suddenly has FM. She was molested and had a messed up childhood. When she was a teenager/ early 20s she started acting out and now in her 30s she's claiming FM. I think it's a coping mechanism for people who have had some serious trauma in their lives, maybe similar to a post traumatic stress disorder. But it's definitely all in their heads. There's no question about it.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone else noticed that a significant number of those diagnosed with fibromyalgia report an extremely active life prior to the fibro symptoms coming on (and for many, after diagnosis, as well)?

It's so odd to me, but I have noticed what appears to be a pattern of them stating that their livestyles were very, very active prior to fibro -- much more so than the average person.

Penny Miles said...

Bless you dear,

Penny Miles said...

Lord, have mercy on you, you are in the wrong profession!!!!. Maybe YOU should be picking Daisey's at a flower farm.

Unknown said...

This is oppression. I am so glad that you feel the pain that you can't see because I don't think anyone should. I would wish it on you for a day or two to see how we live. I am 28 y/o female, working in a prestigious internship 40 hours per week while attending grad school full time. I have no life. I see some doctor at least once per week. My current medical team is PCP, GI specialist, OBGYN, Urologist, Allergy specialist in immunology, nutritionist, and therapist. This is helping get to the root of the problems. Believe me. I would think of a million ways to spend all of my $ instead of being broke from going to the dr and the pharmacy.

These statements are disrespectful to the people suffering and trying to be productive members of society. I'm sure there are a few out there who are milking it, or maybe they are just fortunate enough to have more better days than I have.
The point is, you don't get to say anything until you have felt what we feel.

RainbowUnicorn4004 said...

This is oppression. I am so glad that you feel the pain that you can't see because I don't think anyone should. I would wish it on you for a day or two to see how we live. I am 28 y/o female, working in a prestigious internship 40 hours per week while attending grad school full time. I have no life. I see some doctor at least once per week. My current medical team is PCP, GI specialist, OBGYN, Urologist, Allergy specialist in immunology, nutritionist, and therapist. This is helping get to the root of the problems. Believe me. I would think of a million ways to spend all of my $ instead of being broke from going to the dr and the pharmacy.

These statements are disrespectful to the people suffering and trying to be productive members of society. I'm sure there are a few out there who are milking it, or maybe they are just fortunate enough to have more better days than I have.
The point is, you don't get to say anything until you have felt what we feel.

Anonymous said...

Don't blame the patients for the Fibromyalgia label, blame shitty doctors...patients are suffering but it's not their fault that doctors are incompetent, greedy narcissists who are so stuck on their own egos and billing codes, they can't be bothered with actually investigating. Pussified by the insurance companies who pay them to the extent that they'd sell a patient out in a heartbeat for an extra $40. Sorry folks, I think your anger is misdirected.
# carry on

Anonymous said...

People with so called fibromyalgia always feel the need to talk about this hurts, or that's killing me. I'm so tired. Just flipping constantly. It's like they won't let there be any other conversation topic cause they constantly want everyone to know how miserable they are or what medication they're having to take, and how their prognosis is grim. Just constant constant constant.
It's all they talk about on social media, and they even share tons of memes about the damn shit. Omg!!! I just think they love attention a d sympathy period. Fibromyalgia is just a new age munchuesen.

Anonymous said...

People that have fibro are getting Fentanyl, Oxy, and the like now???

That. Is. Insanity.

Anonymous said...

I have late-stage ovarian cancer and in the last 2 years have developed severe chronic abdominal pain. The kind of pain where you can't think of anything else. Anyway, I was having weekly chemo and a longtime friend drove me to a treatment. It was a 2 hour ride, and all she talked about was her fibromyalgia pain. She claims to have lupus too. Which is also a very questionable diagnosis, as I understand it. She's extremely overweight, has always been mentally ill(undiagnosed formally, as far as I know.). She whines constantly about her horrible pain, how hard she works at her job, etc. In the past 30 years she's been after a workmen's compensation settlement, disability,(for carpal tunnel and back problems)...it goes on and on. She is "batshit crazy"..the above commenter got it just right. The other women I know who claim to have fibromyalgia seem very neurotic, and they ALL talk about their disease.. CONSTANTLY. I found a common thread with them..they ENJOY having a "disease" they can talk about. I can see how they "light up" when they have a polite victim listening.

Anonymous said...

And it does make me mad that I have to listen to her complaining, mainly because when I am in bad pain, I don't feel well enough to talk about it, or post rants on Facebook. I mean, when any of you are extremely sick or in pain (as severe as they claim theirs is) are you interested in talking about it or posting it online????

Anonymous said...

I hope all the Haters posting contract the disease for a few days to gain perspective. There is quite a bit of quality research confirming that fibromyalgia is a disease. Simply go to PubMed and look for yourselves although I wonder if such unqualified, ignorant people have the experience and intelligence to comprehend such studies.

If the disease is not hurting you directly, why would you post such hateful comments?! Something I have learned from over two decades in medicine and biomedical research, is that no one is qualified to judge someone else's pain, except the person with that pain. At best, we can use diagnostics to measure "indicators" of pain, but not the complex physiology within the patient. If you have ever experienced chronic pain, you know how debilitating and horrid each moment is. Who am I (or you) to withhold an analgesic from someone in pain? Unfortunately, our arsenal against chronic pain is mainly opiates and anyone taking them for extended periods WILL become addicted/dependent. That is the ugly truth of it. Fortunately, gabapentin (nerontin) and other non-addictive drugs are being used for fibromyalgia. We are also entering a world of targeted-drug therapy and thus the future is not as dim for people suffering from "fibro" and other debilitating and poorly understood diseases as it once was. Treat others as you wish to be treated, eh?

Derek Taylor said...

My mother have been suffering from fibromyalgia disease for the last 3 years and had constant pain, especially in her neck,During the first year,she had faith in God that she will be healed someday by the Almighty. This disease started circulate all over my moms body and she have been taking treatment from her doctor, few weeks ago i came on search on the internet if i could get any information concerning the prevention of this disease, on my search i saw a testimony of someone who has been healed from (fibromyalgia) by this man DR Abumere and she also gave the email address of this man and advise we should contact him for any sickness that he would be of help, so i wrote to DR Abumere telling him about my mothers fibromyalgia disease he told me not to worry that my mom is gonna be okay with his herbal remedies!! actually i never believed it,, well after all the procedures and remedy given to me by this man i went to discuss it with my mom and explain everything to her on what she is about to take in,because Dr Abumere told me my mother must stop other medication just to make sure his own work properly,she agreed because this great doctor gave me assurance about his good work.
Weeks later after my mother start using this herbal medicine she started experiencing changes all over her as the DR assured me that she will cured,after some time i went to her doctor to confirmed if she has finally healed behold it was TRUE, So dear viewers my advise is if you have such sickness or any other at all you can email DR Abumere on: abumereherbalcentre @ gmail. com or visit his websit: www . abumereherbalcentre . simplesite . com
thank you doctor i will forever be grateful.

Madhatter2 said...

And people like that are some of the problem. The other half of the problem is you treat (even just internally) people in an unprofessional manner. I was diagnosed with fibro years ago, took all kinds of test and recently got my real answer... LUPUS and RA as well as scoliosis. If people wouldn't have treated me with indifference since the DOCTOR diagnosed me with FIBRO, maybe I wouldn't have spent the last 10 years struggling to understand why I couldn't be an athlete anymore, struggled to watch as I gained weight because I couldn't be as active and even tho I eat moderately healthy with a low calorie intake no excess sodium and no soda etc.. maybe if doctors kept digging instead of writing me off as bats shit crazy or a drug addict (btw my allergy list includes morphine) I wouldn't potentially be having to go to a cardiologist neurologist and all of these other Dr's to assess the damage of not getting treated when my symptoms first appeared (at 5yrs old) I'm 30 and just got my diagnosis so stop being an asshole and assuming, I'm not a demanding patient or a rude one and I don't need help wiping my ass no matter how much pain I'm inot and I don't give a shit what they give me as long as it works, considering I don't like even taking vitamins let alone heavy narcotics... of which I have a half full bottle from a year ago because they just don't work. (Don't give me the medical professional bs either I'm medical as well and for every one of those slobs there could be 10 you are failing because of your prejudice)

Madhatter2 said...

My thoughts as well, medical staff as well too. Also recently diagnosis ed after fibro with lupus RA and Scoliosis smh took 25 yrs and a Dr who actually listened! Shouldn't take 25 years to find a Dr who listens.

Madhatter2 said...

Was in the same boat! And just got diagnosed with lupus I have TMJ (due to injury) there is an awesome group on fb " global lupus support group" highly reccomend it

karen dish said...

my son have been a patient of fibromyalgia . I had tried a lot of anti viral med prescribed to me by doctors over how many years now but I could not see any improvements in my son symptoms. One day while going through the internet , i got to know about this great Herbal Dr who uses his herbal remedies in curing people from fibromyalgia ,quickly i contacted him and he prepared a herbal medication for my son which i received and he used it as instructed by Dr Williams. After few weeks the improvement were very visible. the chronic muscle pain and the tightness of the joint stopped, I would really recommend this to all my friends,families,around the globe suffering from fibromyalgia. you can contact him through his email on drwilliams098675@gmail.com.for advice and for his product ,his a good man and am very happy to give this testimony.

Michelle Locher said...

I think I've had fibromyalgia for many years but was diagnosed approximately 10 years ago. I was working at Walmart and was just exhausted. Not the tiredness that sleep helps. I mean totally exhausted, with muscle pain. My primary doctor diagnosed fibromyalgia. I couldn't move my right arm with out getting a lot of pain. I was taking Lyrica, it helps but I still have to be careful not to over do things. I was trying to have a child-don't know if I'll be able to do it! I lost touch with reality.I started on Health Herbal Clinic Fibromyalgia Disease Herbal formula treatment in September 2016, i read alot of positive reviews on their success rate treating Fibromyalgia disease through their Fibromyalgia Herbal formula and i immediately started on the treatment. Just 7 weeks into the Herbal formula treatment I had great improvements, my right hand pain seized and the stiffed, rigid muscle had succumbed. I am unbelievably back on my feet, this is a breakthrough for all Fibromyalgia sufferers, visit Health Herbal Clinic official website www. healthherbalclinic. net or email info@ healthherbalclinic. net.

Jessical Alba said...

My daughter suffered from fibromyalgia for more than 12 years which we started experiencing in her when she turned 8 year and 5 months we all thought it will end but got even worse as days went by. We tried all several treatments and therapy prescribed by various doctors we met but to no avail, she always complain of joint stiffness, and have difficulty falling asleep. She usually tells me she feeling tired. This were steady disorder that disrupted her entire life, even at night she slept less because of this.It was during a casual conversation with a friend that i learned about Dr Williams herbal medicine I was able to contact him on his email address. and give him all the necessary information that he needed,few day later he sent me the herbal portion and his medicine was able to restore her back to normal and she is very okay now without any side effects whatsoever. If you have fibromyalgia, do not hesitate to contact him on drwilliams098675@gmail.com for advice and for his product. I hope this also helps someone out there


As a sign of gratitude for how my son was saved from fibromyalgia , i decided to reach out to those still suffering from this.
My son suffered fibromyalgia in the year 2013 and it was really tough and heartbreaking for me because he was my all and the symptoms were terrible, he always complain of joint stiffness, and he always have difficulty falling asleep . we tried various therapies prescribed by our neurologist but none could cure him. I searched for a cure and i saw a testimony by someone who was cured and so many other with similar body problem, and he left the contact of the doctor who had the cure to fibromyalgia . I never imagined fibromyalgia has a natural cure not until i contacted him and he assured me my son will be fine. I got the herbal medication he recommended and my son used it and in one months time he was fully okay even up till this moment he is so full of life. fibromyalgia has a cure and it is a herbal cure contact the doctor for more info on drwilliams098765@gmail.com on how to get the medication. Thanks for reading my story

NITA said...

now i have a beautiful smiling face and so are which you all, after reading my testimony. My name is Nita, I am 31 years old,
And live with my boyfriend in Belgium, but I am UK. I have been diagnosed with Fibromalgia since 2012, which the Doctors told me this condition was forever. I know how you feel and what you are going through, I don't have a baby though. I just want to tell you that I am cured now,with the help of doctor Williams herbal medication, the last time I can remember having Fibromalgia was October this year. It was a long and difficult process but I am so thankful to dr williams I don't have it anymore. Please know you can be cured too. Accept what happened and is happening to you, forgive, let the past go, love yourself and others unconditionally and be thankful. Everything happens for a reason. If you want to be in contact with dr williams and share your own testimony and thoughts feel free to e-mail him on; drwilliams098675@gmail.com for advice and for his product.

Anonymous said...

Hello. I am Goat, the main author of fibromyass.com and facebook.com/fibromyass .

Everything that appears to support fibromyalgia theory is very easily explained otherwise. In years of running the page I've seen it all 3x. Someone mentioned substance P going up, and it's true in the small study and expected for stressed mammals. All dozen studies paraded around the fibrosphere are actually evidence of widespread misdiagnosis.

Fibromyalgia can be literally any symptom including any pain anywhere in the body, in any tissue. Most people qualify at some time or another; most of the points are given out from thinking that unrestorative sleep and exhaustion are severe and then bonus points for anything else.

Technically, if I were medically stable with a single twinge of pain from my toe to my hip and sleep troube/exhuastion I considered severe I would qualify. Most people qualify at one time or another.

The fibropshere tries to bully people like me into shutting up. Nope, not this Goat.

I know many here could do it on their own but I'm happy to counter fibro bullshit on my page.

chirag devansh said...

Thanks to Dr Williams I am so happy today, I have been suffering from Fibromyalgia for the past 8 years now, and i have spent a lot on western drugs which has all proved abortive, i have tried all means in life to become Fibromyalgia free , but there was no answer until i decided to try herbal solution and i found Dr Williams online and i contacted him and after I took his medication as instructed, i am now Fibromyalgia free within those week of usage, i am so much happy, thanks to Dr Williams for helping me get my life back again without any form of crisis, i promise to tell your name and good deeds to the whole world,if you have Fibromyalgia you can email him on drwilliams098675@gmail.com for more information .

Ana melissa said...

"DR WILLIAMS, I wish to praise you for sharing such a simple but comprehensive herbal medication to tackle this pain from the root. This is truly a valuable resource for all men and woman suffering from fibromyalgia. It's been almost 10 months since my doctor first diagnosed me with fibromyalgia. My doctor suggested that I will try watchful waiting but as the months went nothing has changed.

As soon as I decided I'm going all the way and treat my fibromyalgia, I ordered Dr Williams and the results as you already know were shocking to say the least. The result I took clearly showed my fibromyalgia had completely vanished.

I have even encouraged my "Doubting Thomas" friend to order it and read it too. To have so much good information in one tight package is an unbelievable value. I would encourage anyone who suffers from fibromyalgia and/or any joint stiffness issue to take advantage of Dr Williams herbal medicine! you can contact him through his email on drwilliams098675@gmail.com for more information


Dawson Ella said...

Just wanted to say a huge thank you to Dr Williams for everything he have done in my life. I have been in tears for so many years now, having found that my husband is suffering from fibromyalgia, lesion after some years of being under extreme stress., . I spent 24 hours freaking out and finally calmed down after reading some testimony on here about Dr Williams herbal medicine to fibromyalgia . The moment came and I mumbled out to my husband about Dr Williams product (with a few tears) and he was AMAZE – . He was just worried about his health, been free from this disorder, that was how will order for Dr Williams product on line , after my husband finish taking Dr Williams medicine for just within a period of one month. Will went to the doc together who confirmed that he was fibromyalgia free.
Thank you again for being upfront, truthful and taking this pain away from my family for more information about his product you can email him on drwilliams098675@gmail.com i hope you can also help other terrified people in a similar situation.

chirag devansh said...

Thanks to Dr Williams I am so happy today, I have been suffering from Fibromyalgia for the past 8 years now, and i have spent a lot on western drugs which has all proved abortive, i have tried all means in life to become Fibromyalgia free , but there was no answer until i decided to try herbal solution and i found Dr Williams online and i contacted him and after I took his medication as instructed, i am now completely free from Fibromyalgia within those week of usage, i am so much happy, thanks to Dr Williams for helping me get my life back again without any form of crisis, i promise to tell your name and good deeds to the whole world,if you have Fibromyalgia you can email him on drwilliams098675@gmail.com for more information .

karen dish said...

my son have been a patient of fibromyalgia . I had tried a lot of anti viral med prescribed to me by doctors over how many years now but I could not see any improvements in my son symptoms. One day while going through the internet , i got to know about this great Herbal Dr who uses his herbal remedies in curing people from fibromyalgia ,quickly i contacted him and he prepared a herbal medication for my son which i received and he used it as instructed by Dr Williams. After few weeks the improvement were very visible. the chronic muscle pain and the tightness of the joint stopped, I would really recommend this to all my friends,families,around the globe suffering from fibromyalgia. you can contact him through his email on drwilliams098675@gmail.com.for advice and for his product ,his a good man and am very happy to give this testimony


As a sign of gratitude for how my son was saved from fibromyalgia , i decided to reach out to those still suffering from this.
My son suffered fibromyalgia in the year 2013 and it was really tough and heartbreaking for me because he was my all and the symptoms were terrible, he always complain of joint stiffness, and he always have difficulty falling asleep . we tried various therapies prescribed by our neurologist but none could cure him. I searched for a cure and i saw a testimony by someone who was cured and so many other with similar body problem, and he left the contact of the doctor who had the cure to fibromyalgia . I never imagined fibromyalgia has a natural cure not until i contacted him and he assured me my son will be fine. I got the herbal medication he recommended and my son used it and in one months time he was fully okay even up till this moment he is so full of life. fibromyalgia has a cure and it is a herbal cure contact the doctor for more info on drwilliams098675@gmail.com on how to get the medication. Thanks for reading my story