Sunday, June 13, 2010

We Finally Made a List, EMT blogs

We finally made a list!

#23 of the top 43 EMT blogs. 23 is my favorite I am pumped. Maybe it's good karma for the week. Even though I probably don't deserve good karma!

-ER Doc


Mike Cadogan said...

Guys...we love you too
You are still on our Emergency Medicine Blogger list!

Emergency Medicine Bloggers

SerentiyNowHosptial said...

Sweet! 2 lists! Thanks

-ER Doc

tracy said...

You Three Doctors ("Kings") deserve all the good Karma...and everything else good you can get...'kay? :-)

Annnnnd, as a "Desk" emt-b...thanks for the list!

ERP said...

I am #39 but strangely I am identified as a medic. And Scalpel is in the top 10 but has not posted in about a year.