Monday, June 21, 2010

Assault Your Own Mother?

A 59 year old women came into the ER with a broken jaw and a broken arm. Her story was suspicious. Eventually she admitted that her 33 year old son beat her. Turned out this was nothing new in their relationship, and she agreed to press charges. The police were called and APS was notified.

The police came up with a nice little plan. We agreed to call the son and tell him that his mom was being discharged and was ready to be picked up. The police then positioned themselves for when he arrived. When he did, they charged after him. The son was pretty quick, and the police had to chase him on foot. They eventually tased him. This was the first person I have ever seen tased in the head. It was pretty funny. The cops must have had there way with him...because he had another barb in the neck AND a broken clavicle. I didn't rush to get him pain meds though, and no one felt sorry for him.

I hope he stays in jail for a long time.

-ER Doc


S said...

Here's an ice pack jerk face.

I'm so sad for his Mom. I hope that judge finds a nice place for that "son."

Mrs. L said...

Many times when sons batter their mothers, there is a history of mom walking around the house inappropriately naked in front of him for years, often despite his protests. These kids exhibit signs of sexual abuse even if they've never actually been touched -- i.e., anger management, drug/alcohol abuse, piercings/tattoos, the usual. And no one can figure out why.

Anonymous said...

Mrs L, that is such a weird, weird comment....... Any particular objective evidence for this rather wacky theory?

MILF Lover 69 said...

Mrs. L,

That IS a weird comment.

p.s. Where can I find moms like this?

ERP said...

ER docs should be allowed to carry Tasers also.

oedipus rex said...

Mrs. L for Gods sakes put your clothes back on...WTF.

StorytellERdoc said...

Sad state of a relationship between a mother and son. Hard to make this stuff up, unfortunately, although the day will come when they both, especially he, have may be too late by then.

Hope this finds you well.

Anonymous said...

Mrs L,

Was that ur excuse for beating your mom?

newnurseinthehood said...

I would've been in a rush to give him pain meds. 5 mg of Toradol deep IM with a blunt fill needle. He needs it.