Thursday, June 24, 2010

Bad Vision, Bad Luck

A 43 year old male came in after an eye injury at work. He had a history of bilateral cornea transplants as a teenager because of a congenital scarring disorder. He works as a air conditioner technician.

While working on an AC, a valve popped off and hit him in the face. When I took off the bandage, all I saw was a big crater in the center of his eye. His cornea had been torn off and he leaked out a ton of vitreous fluid. I wish I could have taken a picture of this one, but I felt too bad for him to ask. It was obvious he was going to loose vision for good in that eye. Poor Guy.

Here is a similar picture that I found on the web of what his eye looked like. The one on the right is closer to what his looked like except the pic shows it being repaired.

-ER Doc

Images removed due to graphic nature and wimpy stomachs of readers. Links provided below




ERP said...

Urgh. I HATE eye injuries.

Roguelike said...


I really didn't need to see that before breakfast :(

I know this is a blog about medical stuff, but I'm sure I'm not the only reader who's a bit squimish... Maybe you could put this behind a cut of come sort so that it's not right there staring at you (lol) in the face?

SerenityNow said...

prob a good idea considering the lack of comments. i don't really know how to do that tho. maybe a link

er doc

Roguelike said...

Thank you for bowing to the whims of my whimpy stomach :) Eyes are really jsut oen of those things that makes my skin craaaawl.

I can deal.. kind of.. with blood, and inside bits (I don't think I'll ever be a doctor) but things like... eyes.. and.. grossly broken bones, and infected.. nastiness... and.. eeuuugh.. it just gives me the weegies.

It might be (looking at the pictures again) that I don't KNOW what I'm looking at, exactly, past it being an EYE, and looking distinctly non-eyelike. not really sure what's going on in the image, so.. it's even more gross. Then again, maybe knowing wouldn't make it better!


I love the blog! thank you again :)

Anonymous said...

In the second picture the cornea is intact. Looks like they are doing an iris repair.