Friday, May 1, 2009

Drugs Are Bad

A colleague of mine, usually very calm, found me in the doctor's lounge the other day. He was in a bit of a panic. He requested that I sign a prescription of Tamiflu for him..."just in case this swine flu thing gets out of hand." He seemed really concerned, so I signed his script. Then...he asked for something a little stranger:
Him: " you think you could sign this script for Norco 10/325 for me?"

Me: "Uh....what?? Why??"

Him: "Well, my wife and I are going on vacation next week. I wanted to get some just in case she falls and sprains her ankle."

Me: "! I recommend if that happens she take some Tylenol and you assess her....maybe take her to a clinic."
Him: "Oh yeah...good idea...thanks."
A few minutes later, I was sure to drop off a pamphlet from our local drug and alcohol addiction center in his locker.

-ER Doc


LivingDeadNurse said...

Lol are you being bombarded with people asking you if you think they have the pigitis flu?

Bo... said...

Heh! But the sad thing is that in his heart of hearts he probably KNEW that this was a total bogus trick.

And what's worse, he probably knows that this current flu thing isn't really much different than the usual seasonal flu---versus the "epidemic" according to the media blitz---and the Tamiflu thing was the best he could come up with...

Marco said...

For those of us non-medical folks, what is Norco? From context, I gather it's a highly regulated, addictive narcotic. Where is its potency relative to Vicodin or Morphine?


Anonymous said...

yes. norco is basically vicodin.

TDB said...

I don't know, those holidays can be dangerouse. I know someone who managed to break both ankles while at a conference in another state. She ended up borrowing one of the EMTs cell phones to call her husband and tell him what happened. I also had a teacher years ago that took some of my Spanish class to Spain and managed to break we arm by tripping. So, you never know. Not that I would have given him the norco either

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