Friday, May 29, 2009

Racial Sensitivity

I know we've posted about controversial subjects before, specifically Race/ethnicity. Well, here we go again. I can't recall if I've brought this up before on this forum or with colleagues, but either way, this is another example of how people can get very racially inappropriate when they are MANIC.

A 40-ish Black female was brought in by the police, because she walked 10 miles to attack her ex-husband's new wife with a weed-eater. This lady was extremely agitated from the minute she arrived, pacing back and forth and being rude. The first thing she told me was how she was going to sue the police. "Usually they ask me if I want the handcuffs in the front or in the back, but this cop put them in back without asking. Then he put me in the back of the car and wouldn't turn on the A/C. My hair was sweatin' and now it's gettin' all nappy. Just look at it."

"Ma'am, I'm sorry about that, but I don't think there's much I can do about that right now."

"Yes there is. Get me a G-dd-mn hairdresser right now!"

"Sorry, this is a hospital, not the beauty shop. What else might I be able to help you with?"

"I need some more food." Her dinner tray was barren. She had eaten everything.

"Well, we will serve some snacks here in a couple of hours."

"I didn't even like that dinner. I can't eat this chicken-fried bullsh!t that you all serve up in here. All I eat is catfish!"

This continued for a few more minutes until she ran to the phone and called 911 to place me under citizen's arrest.

-Psych Doc


HugeMD said...

Reminds me of a patient I had, I'll call him Lou, who had end-stage liver disease, don't remember what from, doesn't matter--either IV drugs or drinking. He was about 50.

He had a very nice wife. He was kind of a cranky character, but, for some reason, I kind of liked him. I was one of the few people who could, on occasion, get him to do things he was supposed to do. He was being worked up for a liver transplant but never got on the list because he was so non-compliant.

At one point, he went totally loony, and I admitted him for hepatic encephalopathy. I went in his room the next morning and he was on the phone. I heard him give his name--an improvement! I heard the person on the other line say "Who's there?; let me talk to them."

Lou sheepishly handed me the phone. I put it to my ear and said, "Hello?"

The person on the line responded, "Hello, this is the Rural County Sheriff's Department. Lou is reporting that you all are trying to kill him."

Anonymous said...

How was she being racially innapropriate?

"Red" Merriweather Coast said...

It sounds like she was being black, not "racially inappropriate." Perhaps she made you uncomfortable by living out a stereotype in front of you, but I don't think she did that on purpose.

LivingDeadNurse said...

wow 10 miles to attack

Tex said...

OK...let's break this down:

Nappy hair
Entitlement disorder
Hates the police (unless she needs them)
Loves fried catfish
Overly emotional

And you say she's black?

Trust us....we're doctors said...

I know she didn't do it on purpose-She is manic.

To say that she was "being black" is not accurate either. I know lots of black people, and none of them have ever used the words nappy or catfish around me.

Yes, they are sterotypes. Sometimes the funniest thing about stereotypes is that they're true. But most of the time, people try to keep it under control. It's called impulse control and the frontal lobe puts on the brakes for most of us.

My point is, that for some reason when people are manic, the racial stuff really comes out.

Psych Doc

Anonymous said...

I think you might want to rethink this leaves you looking like you're the inappropriate one. Basically I think you are saying that she's saying things that are stereotypically "black" because she's manic. I'm ok with that even though probably a lot of people aren't. But saying that being manic brings out things that are "inappropriately racist" here, I don't get that one. There's nothing wrong with wanting to eat catfish. People are concerned with their hair. People shouldn't attack other people with weedwackers though. Anyway, I don't get this one.

Inappropriately racist (well, it's generally innapropriate) would be if she was like, "I'm Jesus Christ, I don't want your honkie ass doctor all up in my shit" or something like that.

ERP said...

I think the point of the post was that she was being "stereotypical" not racist, because she was manic.

Medic(three) said...

I'm the whitest guy around... From a podunk midwest town... And I still think this post needs to be rethought.

Seriously... This isn't racist... or "being black" or any of the above. This is someone being manic. That is all.

I doubt that her manic state had anything to do with the words she chose. I am sure that the words she used were part of her normal vocabulary.

If you'd like to see racism try riding in the back of a bus with a guy who is convinced "you are the white devil because you have a badge and that means you are a cop and cops hate black people."

Trust us....we're doctors said...

Okay, sheesh my bad. I shoulda called it stereotypics instead of racism.

I have only been called white devil once. That was from another manic white guy who thought he was black.

Psych doc

Anonymous said...

As a black person....this isn't about her being black!! I don't eat catfish-not once in my life or have nappy hair.
She is just a crazy person.