Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Butterfly

All....please welcome a new member to our blog. "Doc Sensitive" is one of the most perturbed residents I have ever met. He has enjoyed the blog...and would like to share a few stories of his own. Here is his first post:

A 38 yo male arrived via ambulance to one of the trauma bays after being hit by a car while walking across the street. When I arrived to evaluate the patient, he stunk of very cheap beer and was screaming in agonizing pain.

Me: "Sir, what happened today?."

Patient: "Well, doc, I was walking across the street with my forty ounce tucked under my jacket and a f***ing car hit me in my a**! Then I flew across the street like a butterfly and landed on my arm and leg!" Now my arm is f**king hurting and my forty ounce is smashed all over my jacket."

Me: "Sir looks like your not much of a butterfly!"

Patient and nurses laughed, and he ended up having a broken arm and pelvis but recovered without any complications....except for a brief bout of alcohol withdraw.

-Doc Sensitive


Anonymous said...

Great stuff....

The Bus Driver said...

Someone once said a black man will be president "when pigs fly"

Just 100 days into Obama's presidency and look! Swine Flu!

Ok, so totally unrelated.. but my adhd mind read flying like a butterfly and .. well.... yay association!

WarmSocks said...

Very good!