Friday, September 3, 2010

Good Ole Mom

Mom's can mean well, but sometimes they can be just a little frustrating too. Here are some funny examples from the last week.

1) A 28 year old female drove her car into an overpass b/c she was so distraught. Why was she so distraught??? Because she walked in on her mom doing her ex boyfriend who just broke up with her!

2) A 38 year old male called EMS for a sore throat and being upset after his mother told him to "Get a job not a dog!"

3) A 53 year old male came in for severe constipation. He was mad b/c his mom gave him some of her medicines, but they weren't working. The medicines were Dulcolax suppositories. When asked how he was taking the medicines, he stated with a glass of water....meaning he was swallowing them. For those who don't know, suppositories are meant to be placed up the butt, so no shit they weren't working (pun intended).

-ER Doc


Anonymous said...

I love #3. That's why we tell people Magic Bullets are only magic when rectally inserted.

Anonymous said...

Number 1 isn't funny as someone trying to kill themselves... the other two are though!

serenitynowhospital said...

she wasn't trying to kill herself. she was freaking out and couldn't control her car b/c distracted

er doc

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Anonymous said...

number 1: never drive when you are emotionally distressed.

number 2:
You called EMS for a sore throat?!

number 3: There are instructions for a very good reason.