Friday, September 24, 2010

Discharge to Jail

All too often arrested people come to the ER and get a "get out of jail free" card. I take great pleasure when justice is served.

On weekends, we get tons of accidents from drunk people. Last week, 3 of my drunk drivers were taken to jail. It was a great feeling. Usually the police officers don't wait around for the patient to be discharged, so they get off the hook for the most part. After a night full of drunk MVCs and stabbings, it was nice to see some people leave my ER with cuffs on!

Just as bad are the people who get chest pain when they are arrested. Today I had a 41 year old male who "started to have the big one" after being arrested for shoplifting. Normal EKG and discharge to jail!

Drink...Drive...Go to Jail!

-ER Doc


Crazed Nitwit said...

May I ask you a question? Feel free to not answer. LOL.

How do you feel about assisted living facilities and the folks they send out to you because they have no ability to deal with anything vaguely acute?

PS~I'm a pretty green nurse who's had a job for 2.5 weeks. Yesterday 2 folks were sent out to ER and the paramedic was giving me hell. Hate to sound like a drone but I was TOLD to call 911.

Cracking up. Screening word is inguenu and I saw ingenue.

Arzt4Empfaenger said...

Damn right!

ERP said...

All too often they get away with it unless they are arrested on scene of the accident.

type1medic said...

Glad to hear they went to the jail. It sickens me to know that a lot of them get away with it or even if they get caught they get A slap on the wrist. I mean seriously do we need to bring the judges to the secne of a wreck caused by a drunk driver? will that make a differ.?

Anonymous said...

For Crazed:
I used to be an ED nurse and dealt with a lot of assisted living. Worst one was the guy discharged that day from our hospital who came back into the ED that night because the facility didn't keep him elevated during his tube feeding (and for 30 minutes after) and he aspirated. His son was NOT happy. Neither were we.

You're between a rock and a hard place. Best you can do is give the medics a coherent report for them to give us (if you haven't learned SBAR or something like it, learn it. Include vitals, signs, symptoms, and so forth). A copy of med lists and history would be cool, too.

Then for heaven's sake, find a better job before they get you in trouble.