Sunday, April 17, 2011

Mom Quotes

1) An 18 year old female came in for constipation for 3 months

Me: "Have you seen your primary doctor for this?"

Patient: "I tried calling my pediatrician, but he won't see me anymore since I have a kid now."

2) Patient: "I am here because I think I am having a reaction to my sons bug bite."

-ER Doc


Krista said...

These are the moments you sit back and think, "Is this REALLY my life?"

Shash said...

Sometimes, I am just gobsmacked at how dumb people can be.

LivingDeadNurse said...

i love the moms that are at the Er to comfort their 40 yr old daughter because she has a turd stuck in her butt. I swear some people have a massive case of the "dumb"

Nurse K said...

Patient #1 will have no evidence of constipation on an abd XR.

Patient #2 is obviously experiencing the same MRSA that her son is. Or is just f*cking crayzee.

minimedic said...

In regards to constipation:

Eat Chipotle. Tastes good going down, clears you out in a few hours, and costs less than most OTC medications!

I'm sure someone else has a fast-food that "cures" their constipation...

SerenityNow said...

Re Nurse K:

XRay for constipation. I dont do that. I just discharge them as I judge them in my head

ER Doc

Anonymous said...

Fast food constipation cure, a sack of White Castle burgers. They should sell adult diapers for the car ride home after that cuisine.