Friday, April 29, 2011

Chief Complaint of the Day

A 28 year old Hispanic male came in for "Left arm numbness and tingling after eating tacos. Thinks it causes a heart attack."

Uh yeah....quickest discharge ever.

-ER Doc


newnurseinthehood said...

Well, not immediately. Fail. Also. Work a night shift already damn it!

SerenityNowHospital said...

Dear newnurse

Ive been on a lot of nights at our sister hospital

ER doc

ERP said...

Well, they might give you the shits pretty soon after I guess.

newnurseinthehood said...

Boo. Well it's cool, although everyone agreed during our most recent official staff margarita breakfast meeting that we miss you. We will all just have to get drunk in the vicinity of sister hospital and take the bambalance to come see you. I'd like a banana bag and some Dilaudid please.

SerenityNowHospital said...


My schedule for May is back to normal. I think I'm at hood hospital 11 shifts. Haven't looked to see how many are nights tho. The day shift crew at hood hospital gives me nightmares