Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

Oh how I love working holidays (not really).

On Easter, we get hit with a ton of patients who pass out during church. Apparently the holy ghost is stronger than normal on easter. Grand total today....11 (1 was a pastor). One was a 17 year old who didn't eat dinner last night, didn't eat breakfast, and then got overheated in the crowded church and passed out shortly. How about just feed her instead of bringing her to the ER.

There was also some teens who decided to be cool and drive fast without seat belts on. Well they all got thrown out of the vehicle and have some pretty nasty injuries.

Then there was the onslaught of nursing home patients who finally get a visit from family, said family freaks out b/c they look like crap since they saw them last year, and then they send them to ER. Yay.

One was 81 years old. Her family brought her a big mac for easter. Well she promptly aspirated the big mac after only a few bites. She arrived to the ER hypoxic and had crumbles the big mac still in her mouth. Maybe next year they will bring soup.

Happy easter,

ER Doc


LivingDeadNurse said...

sounds like my ER

Anonymous said...

You can't spell EastER without the ER!

Hopalong Ginsberg

Yvonne said...

I loathe the days after any holidays.All those who were in distress but did not want to upset their visiting are now circling the drain withhovering family in tow.

SerenityNow said...

I just had to piggyback on ER Doc's post. I loved working on Easter. 24 hour on call at a huge psych hospital. No admissions. Saw one patient in restraints. Slept 8 hours.

The one restraint I saw, I walked onto the unit, and who was there?
If you guessed Ironman, you're right! I said hello. As I saw the patient I was there for, Ironman paced anxiously in the day area, hoping to catch my attention. I left through the secret back exit from the ward, avoiding the cursed one.

All in all, a great day. Moonlighting makes residency worth it. Barely.

-Psych Doc

ERP said...

I bet they just had her finalise the life insurance polcies and the inheritance. Then they could let her go out with a bang.