Monday, April 13, 2009

Dream Interpretation

As a new segment, Psych Doc will be interpreting some of my (ER Doc's) weird dreams. Should be entertaining to hear how screwed up I am.

Dream #1: Psych Doc....recently I had a dream that struck me as weird. I was in a sports bar hanging out with midgets. We were watching lacrosse (which I have never watched or played in my life). The lacrosse teams had averaged size adults and midgets on the same teams playing one another. Why would I dream about things so random and that I know so little about....the midgets and lacrosse?

-ER Doc

Interpretation #1: Well, ER Doc, it sounds like lacrosse is a symbol for something else that recently occurred in your life or a place you visited (that you have never experienced before). The midgets probably represent the types of people that you encountered in this new, strange place. I'm sure you respect little people, buy you can't help be a little bit curious about their lifestyles. Little people have been considered mysterious for thousands of years throughout literature, for their magical powers. They have led people to pots of gold and destroyed magical rings in the fires of Mount Doom.

I think that most likely you recently visited a gay bar. It's something you've never experienced, but you know it's popular on the East coast and there is potential for physical activity with other men (all indicative of lacrosse). The midgets represent all the colorful characters there, that you have only dreamed about in fantasy books. You were always curious about them, but now they are both fascinating and frightening at the same time. The average-sized adults represent those men, like yourself, who are curious or "on the down-low."

This is a very common dream, reportedly experienced by celebrities such as Clay Aiken.

Just remember that gay sex, just like lacrosse, requires all responsible participants to wear protective equipment.

Disclaimer: No offense is intended toward Little People. Please do not bombard with negative comments or send Matt Roloff to my house.
All insults toward lacrosse and Clay Aiken are fully intended.

-Psych Doc


Anonymous said...

Made me giggle!

Anonymous said...

Do midgets actually insist on being called "little people"? That just seems silly to me. If I was three feet tall, I would definitely prefer to call myself a dwarf. 'Little people' evokes the munchkins in
The Wizard of Oz. 'Dwarf' evokes Gimli slaughtering dozens of orcs with an axe. How can anyone think that being a "little person" is more awesome than being a dwarf?

christina said...

just came back from a 14-hour shift at work and i have to say, this is one of the funniest things i've come across all day. kudos!

The Bus Driver said...

hahaha.. that has got to be the weirdest dream/interpretation ever. remind me never to tell you some of my warped dreams.

they might get me committed!

TDB said...

Anon.- "midget" is considered a very rude term by most little people. Some of them so not mind being called a dwarf (which is probably good since their genetic conditions are forms of dwarfism). The politically correct term seems to be little people. If you check out the Little People of America website they could explain it better.

kbow18 said...

Political correctness can suck my left nut

(If your a midget, that just happens to be eye level)

jen91 said...

I just love reading this blog, I amin nursing school and this just makes my day!

NEMed2 said...

Can we all send in our own dreams for free interpretation?

kbow18: hehe... I mean, thats terrible. Don't say things like that.

Trust us....we're doctors said...

NEMed2- We discussed this option previously, and decided it could be considered medical advice to interpret others dreams, even if it is just to be funny. Unfortunately bc of today's medical liability, we are just going to be posting my dreams and psych doc's funny interpretations of them

Also...thanks everyone for the recent support for this blog! It makes it so much more enjoyable to have people reading what we put down.

Trust us....we're doctors said...

Actually psych doc...I think I figured it out. When going to bed the night before I saw the new Jack in the Box commericial with the midgets and cowboys. "Yippee-ki-yay! Mini Sirloin Burrrrrrrgers." It's been stuck in my head since then. Midgets make me smile.


Ninjamedic said...

Dude(s), your blog and a glass of wine is FAR better therapy than anything else I've come across.

Thank you.