Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Weird call from last night between the nurse and a “patient”…..

Patient:  “I think I broke my arm and I need someone to come here and check it out.”
Nurse:  “I am sorry to hear that.  You are welcome to come to the ER to get checked out.”
Patient:  “If I come up there is there going to be drama?”
Nurse: “Only if you start drama.”
Patient: “I don’t want any drama and if I come there will be drama.  Can you just send someone to my place to check it out.”
Nurse:  “Sir you called the ER, not 911. Maybe you meant to call 911. But we don’t make house calls from the ER.”
Patient:  “Bitch I know who I called. I got monitors and locks on me I can’t leave the house. Don’t you give a shit about your patients? Get up here and check me out. “
The nurse hung up at that point since he was not our patient and obviously a dickhead.

ER Doc


StorytellERdoc said...

This story is so funny...we used to have "quote boards" in the old ER days to record these stories with their exact words. I think in today's world, most of these stories would have started with the word "Bitch..."! Thanks for the morning laughs.


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Carolyn Taylor said...

Interesting post. Thanks for it.

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