Saturday, February 23, 2013

Stroke and Politics

Politics and racism can be very dividing.  It can affect people so much that their views are literally burned in their brain no matter what

A lot of times with stroke, the patient will present with altered mental status. I had an 81 year old with a stroke last week. She couldn't move her left side, and she couldn't remember anything.  She didn't know the day, year, her family....nothing. BUT, when I asked her who the president was, she said "That colored guy. I wish I could push him in a ditch!"  I don't know how her stroke could knock out so much of her memory but she still had the anti Obama in her.

ER Doc


Pam said...

She remembered the important stuff

Susan - Nurse on the Run said...

I used to work (as a nurse) in a small community hospital on a med/surg floor. A nursing home was right across the street so we got at least one "altered mental status" patient every day, usually more. Once I asked them the name/place/date questions, I always asked if they knew who the president is. I chuckled when they said Reagan, but was never surprised when they would yell, "That black man!!" Yep, we're still here...haha.

Candi said...

Racism and ignorance runs deeeeeeep

Jono said...

Apparently, the more primitive parts of the brain continue to function.


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