Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentines Day

Holidays are always bad in the ER. July 4th because of the firework injuries, new years and memorial day because of the drunks, etc. 

Apparently valentines day is no exception. Below are a few stories from my shift last night on valentines day. Interestingly, they were all females

  • A 37 year old female came in after taking 70 tabs of neurontin trying to kill herself because her boyfriend "forgot" it was valentines day. She took this as him saying he didn't love her, and a fight ensued. As a valentines present from me, she got a lovely mixture of charcoal to drink and an overnight stay in the ICU. 
  • The local MHMR had a valentines day dance for their mentally challenged patients.  A nice 27 year old with mild-moderate MR was upset no one asked her to dance. On the ride home in the short bus, this enraged her. For some reason, she attacked the bus driver, who wrecked the short bus. Guess who got to take care of the short bus patients. 
  • A 70 year old female had an anxiety attack spending her first valentines day alone after her husband had passed away. The ativan did wonders and she left happy.
  • A nice son brought his 81 year old mother flowers for valentines day. When she got up to take the flowers, she fell and broke her hip. 
  • A young couple were on a date for valentines at a fancy restaurant. Apparently the girl is allergic to "citrus," and she consumed something with citrus at the restaurant. She promptly swelled up and dinner was cut short as she needed to visit the ER to reverse her anaphylaxis. 
ER Doc


Anonymous said...

Nice, all I got was ODs post fight with hubby about not doing the day right.

Leya S.N. said...

Hey, just stumbled upon this blog from seeing it on Crass Pollination, and I LOVE it. Please keep it up, surely there is a never ending abundance of crazy stories to tell. As much as the things I've read on here should scare me away from healthcare, they only make me more excited to work in it. Thanks for the entertainment and hope you're able to keep it coming!

jillian said...

Normally I would scoff at someone going to the ER for an anxiety attack. But I was only 34 (and healthy) when my husband passed away, and there were times I felt like I was literally gravely ill from grief. I totally get why old people die after losing a spouse.

Karen said...

Warning: I am about to gush! I linked to your blog from another of the many many medical blogs I read, one for over ten years. In the last few days I have read all of the older posts and I love this blog so much! So of the medblogs I read are so full of just burnout hatred for patients they are difficult to read anymore, but although you make me laugh at so much, you all also have so much heart and I just hope that whatever made you guys go away never happens again, although I understand...again thanks!

SerenityNow said...

Thank you new readers karen and leya

ER Doc

Anonymous said...

I find it so understandable that the old lady would be anxious on a memorable day after her partner/husband passed away. Granted, for me valentines day wouldn't mean anything, but I bet I'd cry my heart out on the first birthday that my partner would miss (of his own). Forget it, I'd probably takotsubo out right away after such a loss...

But wow to the first story. Drama.


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