Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Ok...a change in subject. I feel like I am sitting on the floor of the senate after reading all those comments. Great to have an involved debate though.

So....a story about a funny trauma case. Saturday night, 230 AM. The bars had just closed. EMS called to warn us they were bringing in a gun shot wound...to the TESTICLE!! Ouch. A 23 year old pulled a "Plaxico" by carrying a gun in his pocket to the club. He accidently fired the gun in his pocket, and the bullet went through his testicle into his thigh.

He presented in a great mood actually. He was drunk and calm. His testicle was hanging outside of his sac by its cord, obviously dead. When he was asked if he had any medical problems, he replied "You mean besides being awesome!? Then no." Not the typical response you would expect from someone with their left nut hanging outside its cage. He was taken to the OR and the testicle was removed.

Two days later I saw the gentleman in the ER again. This time it was daytime, and he was sober. He presented with severe constipation, presumably from the narcotic pain meds he was prescribed. After 2 enemas and a bottle of mag citrate, we had him feeling "awesome" again.

-ER Doc


MLee said...

Ouch, I had a guy come in one day after an 4 wheeler landed on him. 2 broken arms, 1 broken femur, skull fx, and he was degloved (penis and testes). I was going through the injuries with the doc and 1st yr resident. When I pulled the sheet down, the green doc passed out cold. to this day he looks at me sideways every-time he sees me... LMAO

Doctor D said...

He's going to need that confidence to spend the rest of his life a one-testicled man.

ndenunz said...

I'd give my left nut to be that awesome.

Bubba said...

Will he spend any time in jail like Plaxico or perhaps more, or will he get a pass. I wonder.

Any medic said...

I've seen that exact injury before, only the awesomeness was tarnished by the fact that he presented with a maxi pad stuffed in his jeans to control the bleeding.

Michelle & Trevor said...

A Natalie Dee comic and a story about a testicle. This post made my day!