Thursday, September 10, 2009

Dream Interpretation: My Blanket

Dear Psych Doc:

I have had a LONG string of not remembering my dreams lately. I think it is b/c subconsciously I know you will interpret them for everyone to hear. Finally....I had a dream and remembered it. It was kind of dumb.

The background to the dream is as follows; I have had a blanket since junior high that is awesome. Everyone who stays the night wants to use it. It has the perfect material consistency. I'm not a total dork....I don't sleep with it every night. My wife and I have a comforter so it's not like I have to have it to sleep. I usually use it when on the couch or need extra covers and such. It is striped green and white...not even my favorite colors.

So my dream took place with me on vacation visiting friends from early childhood that I haven't thought of in 15 years. My green and white blanket was with me. I walked a few blocks to go to the grocery store, and for some reason I brought my blanket. On the way home from the store I noticed I left the blanket, so I turned around to hurry back to the store. Before I made it to the store, I noticed two lady's with my blanket. They molded it into a horse and made it look like a pinata. I asked for my blanket back, and they offered me $500 for it. I felt like that was too much money, so I said they could have it for $300. Soon in my dream I regretted the decision of selling my blanket. The rest of the dream I searched for the lady's I sold the blanket to. I don't remember anything after that. What the hell is the matter with me?

-ER Doc

Dear ER Doc,

Welcome back to my office. First, let me explain the blanket. The blanket is a common transitional object used by a toddler during the separation phase from the mother. The blanket signifies a representation of the mother that comforts the child when the mother is away, therefore easing the transition into individuality. In many ways, adolescence is a lot like being a toddler, so I can see that the blanket could be your "teenage" transitional object.

This also sets the time frame: 15 years ago, you were a teenager, a time that you remember your blanket and your mom providing you security.

I think that the 2 old ladies probably refer to your 2 "old ladies"- whoever fulfills the 2 dominant female roles in your life right now. Could be your current and ex girlfriend or current girlfriend and mom. You feel as though they are battling for your attention. Whatever it may be, you're refusing to let go of something in the past. You're holding onto some behavior or personality trait that reminds others of a teenage boy. I'll let you figure that out.

As for the horse/pinata part, that's just a fantasy. You wish you had genital anatomy the size of a horse. And you want women to beat you like a pinata because you're into S & M.

-Psych Doc


ERP said...

"OK ER Doc, that will be 350$ bucks and here is a prescription for Abilify"

Karen Brook Westhaver said...

Very cool analysis....except for the jokey pinata part :-) You did know that was a joke, right? The part about wishing for equine genitalia :-). Otherwise, I quite concur! Insightful.