Monday, December 28, 2009

Iron-ic Seizures

A 34 year old male came in for a burn. Poor guy was ironing when he had a seizure. He knocked the iron to the ground then landed on top of it, making the 3rd degree burn to his back seen on the left. It sucked because he was therapeutic on his seizure meds, meaning he was taking his meds the right way. He ended up having to undergo surgery due to the depth of the burn

-ER Doc


CheapbyChoice said...

That really sucks!

Anne said...

I agree with Cheap. We had a guy come in yesterday who had just been taken off his seizures meds 1 year post brain tumor. Needless to say, he should have been kept on them. He ended up in our ER after hitting a median on the highway....he wasn't hurt as bad as your guy though

Bubba said...

That looked really painful. Thank God it wasn't his face..