Saturday, February 14, 2009

What a Way to Go!!

This is one of those stories that's an "Oh crap that sucks," funny, and sad all at the same time. 2 times in my brief career I have had people die during SEX. Both were females in their early 60's. One had a stroke and the other a heart attack during sex. Both occurred in the early morning. The husbands called 911 appropriately, and they were rushed to the ER. Unfortunately we couldn't save them.

I have had lots of people, male and female, come in the ER after having a heart attack during sex (the ones mentioned above were the only that died). Lots of questions rolled through my head in these cases. 1 is I felt very bad for the spouse. It's got to be horrible to loose your loved one that way. I hope they don't feel like they killed their wife...b/c they did not. And I hope the wife initiated the sex b/c....damn that would be some guilt if the husband was begging for sex. Also I am generally curious what positions they are in when heart attacks occur during sex. It might be an interesting research project. Maybe there is a correlation between the reverse cowgirl position and heart attacks?? Maybe the pile driver is safer b/c of better blood flow to the heart and brain?? I've wondered how long it takes for the spouse to realize that their partner is having a medical emergency. I mean...if the female isn't much of a mover or moaner it could take a while to figure it out. I've also wondered about how does the spouse get dressed to come to the hospital. They would have to roll over, call 911, then decide between getting dressed and doing cpr. They always come to the ER clothed, so I am guessing there has to be some delay in the cpr.

Sex does take some physical ability. So be sure you exercise to keep your heart strong. 4-7 am is a increased time for heart attacks in the first if you have heart disease please defer your pleasure until later in the day.

ER Doc


Anonymous said...

I am so glad that I sleep during that time.

RowdyRed said...

A difficult one , for me, was when I had to inform a wife her husband had died during sex. The wife was at home when we made the notifcation. The husband had died in a hotel with another woman.

Anonymous said...

I've gotten several who died during sex. Busted AAA in one, 650 pounder with a 900 gm heart in another.

SeaSpray said...

We had a man brought in who was staying at a local hotel for golfing or a convention..don't remember.

He died while having sex in the shower... in the afternoon. He'd been golfing prior to going back for his other recreational activity.

She wasn't his wife.