Thursday, February 26, 2009

My House, My Rules

While doing a shift in the local children's ER, a group of 3 kids needed to be seen for "marijuana exposure." My first thought was that I bet a lot of kids in the area suffer from this most common phenomenon. This case was more of a legal and social issue.
The local police were called to the apartment b/c the neighbors complained of smelling too much marijuana. When the police went to the scene, the mother (who I am sure was up for mom of the year) was holding a baby in one hand and a fat blunt in the other. When the police suggested that this activity wasn't legal, the great mom had a fit b/c she felt like since it was her apartment...she could do whatever she want. Even smoke illegal drugs with kids in the apartment. Now that must have been some good weed.

ER Doc

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Anonymous said...

I recently saw a young (teenage) couple blowing pot smoke into the kids lungs! They were both prosecuted. I don't know who was filming it, or why it was filmed, but it is true-unfortunately.