Monday, February 9, 2009


A couple of one liners from recent patients.

"Why were you admitted to our unit?", I asked a 14-year old female on one of my first days on the adolescent unit.

Without even taking the time to ponder that question, she replied, "Because I can't stop f*cking."

The other night, in the emergency room, there was a 20-something black male in the waiting room for several hours, pacing back and forth, loud and verbose. Obviously he was manic or on some happy drugs. When the nurse brought him in for triage, she asked him if he was allergic to anything.

"Everything but pussy," he said.

Psych Doc


Anonymous said...

Lets hear something interesting.

Anonymous said...

Any mental Bush break downs. I know of a few.

Anonymous said...


He cannot get over the presidential election. It seems like he belongs to a GWB Cult. From the minute he comes home from work he talkes and reads about is how much better GWB and the republicans are. I am starting to believe that he has been brain washes be some radio hosts such as Hanity. We tell him to stop and get over it, but it is getting worse. Please HELP!!!!!

Anonymous said...

hi doctors you guys are the best

Karen Brook Westhaver said...

49 y/o GWB complaint must be receiving 2ndary gain from you folks telling him to get over it. And it appears it's become a huge part of his identity. I don't know your milieu, scope of practice or even ability to meet with PTs on some kind of regular basis. At our agency we would have assigned homework to this PT including him NOT listening/reading etc. stuff by Hannity, Limbaugh etc. And at the same time work with filling in these new voids with positive, concrete activities, attributes etc. designed based upon his HX, desires and goals for his life. Anyway, this is not too unlike a few similarly fixated (and totally hamstrung by their fixations) folks we've worked well with a bit of which I sketched out here. I feel the desperation. It's hard. I just hope you have the opportunity. OH...and don't let it last forever...draw up a treatment plan/contract together of X number of sessions and stick with it. As this *feels* like there's a blend of Borderline PD here, again: stick with it. If he doesn't comply with the agreed upon homework, he's earned the consequence of terminating TX. If he knows this (and will test it) you're likely to be more successful. Good luck!