Thursday, January 27, 2011

Eye Opener

Our Emergency Department uses a lot of traveling nurses (nurses that take on temporary assignments around the country).

Last week a new one did not leave a good first impression. She showed up an hour late....8am...and DRUNK.

The nurse manager came down and tried to handle it very respectfully. He even offered to call her a cab. She threw a huge fit. Long story short....she ended up getting arrested for public intoxication.

-ER Doc


Holly said...



glad she didn't make it to any patients!

Anonymous said...

Hilariously-- the same story was recently posted on another blog. Either this chick gets around or you have quite the undercover brother on your unit. ;-)

Anonymous said...

What's the other blog sites URL ?

ER doc

newnurseinthehood said...

Umm, do I know you from somewhere?

Anonymous said...

And she's probably been watching too much Nurse Jackie, too.

Threehills said...

Surprised you weren't required to keep her until she sobered up ;)