Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Out of Jail Free B/C It Stings When I Pee!?

In a previous post, I ranted about people who are brought to the ER in police custody because after they were arrested they had a medical complaint.

Most of the time the police have to bring them because they complain of something like chest pain. They usually get discharged quickly. But the police did NOT need to bring this guy in.

Me: "Hello sir. What did started bothering you today after you got arrested that you needed to come to the Emergency Department before going to jail?"

Patient Inmate: " stings when I pees. I think it is because I sleep with too many whores."

Me (Pissed off that the police would bring him in for that when they know that can be handled by the jail doctor): "That's why they brought you here!? We will give you some sure not to catch anything in jail!"

-ER Doc


Holly said...

wait....if he was an inmate, why did LE get involved? Was he at a hearing and that was why the cops brought him in? Remember LE isn't required to know a lot of medical stuff. If Dude is in Police Custody, then they would have been required to bring him in. If Dude was in Prison custody that is something different.

SerenityNowHospital said...

He was being arrested for shop lifting. I'll check my writing in a bit to make sure it made sense. But they don't have to bring him in for something that dumb. They have doctors at jail.

ER Doc

Dr. J said...

It is very important to ask these fine folks how many men they have actually had sex with, and because so many criminals have hearing problems it is important to ask it loudly....

Anonymous said...

Could it be that he was pre-medicating for what he may catch in Jail!?

ERP said...

Maybe the cops were thinking of giving him a cockmeat sandwich and wanted him treated first?????