Friday, August 14, 2009

Fact Check

Nice article I found on misconceptions with the Health Care bill. Link is provided if you are interested.

-ER Doc


TechnoBabe said...

Good catch, glad to read it.

TechnoBabe said...

Did you see this:

DreamingTree said...

Thanks for sharing! The "death panels," "kill granny" myths are infuriating. Planning for end of life care does not equal euthanasia. Not planning results in a lot of misery.

Trust us....we're doctors said...


When we have to submit a claim to an insurance company to get a test like a CT, MRI, etc and get denied....isn't that rationing health care??

When you get dropped from your insurance b/c you are sick...isn't that rationing healthcare??

When you have cancer and the insurance companies decline treatments...isn't that rationing??

-ER Doc

Liz said...

Unfortunately, Newsweek is so unabashedly pro-Obama that one can scarcely dream of getting good, objective reporting on this, his pet project.

Newsweeks editorial several weeks (months?) ago stated that they were not concerned about reporting the news. The editor stated the focus would now be reporting opinions related to the news.

Anonymous said...


Pro Obama or not....they were direct references from the bill with the page number of the you can read it word for word from the source.

Stop drinking the coolaid

Liz said...

Dear Anonymous:

I didn't say one word pro or con the healthcare bill. I just hope folks seek out more objective reporting or at least entertain arguments from both sides.

I am concerned that Newsweek would have us drinking their brand of Kool-aid.

But at least you seem to like it.