Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Chief complaint of the week

A lot of times, people with mania or psychosis believe that a famous person is in love with them. I'm sure that the specific objects of infatuation vary depending what region you live in. The president (and former president) is pretty common. Around here, so is a certain pro quarterback and his pop-star/reality-star/actress girlfriend who may or may not have a weight problem.

Last week, a young male was brought in for running naked in the streets. (See my post from a while back. I told you all it was common.) Among many other things, he told me, "(Pop star girl) was talking to me through the television. She said she loves me and we'll be married soon. Then she just kept handing me Christmas presents. I think they were Lifesavers."

Three days later, he put shaving cream all over his body, then walked out into the lounge on the psych unit with a paper cup in his hand. He proceeded to urinate into the cup, then drank it.

Bet you never saw that on Newlyweds.

-Psych Doc

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Maha said...

Before I started working in the ER I thought most of this stuff was made up. Now, I almost look forward to my q-monthly visit from naked Jesus.

Great blog - loving the posts. Looking forward to the next one! :)